He Wood by DSquared2 {New Fragrance}



Fashion brand DSquared2 will launch its first men's fragrance this fall called He Wood. It is a product that plays out to the green and eco-chic sensitivities that are fast developing amongst consumers......

"The concept evokes the forests of Canada, where the twins who founded the label, Dean and Dan Caten, were born. The woody vetiver composition was created by Daphné Bugey of Firmenich and the square bottle is encased in a frame made of natural red alder from replanted forests." Daphné Bugey also created KenzoAmour (with Olivier Cresp) Max Mara, and Le Labo fragrances like Bergamote 22.

The perfume will debut in Europe in September of 2007 before progressively being rolled out to other international markets.

Prices: €32, €54 and €72 for the 30ml, 50ml and 100 ml EdTs; €50 for the 100ml moisturizing aftershave balm.

(Source: Cosmetic News) 

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  1. Yes! I love D2 clothes. Their fragrance might just be a welcome refreshment that I've long been looking for. The bottle is simply *stunning* so I wish the jus lives up to the esthetics. With Daphne Bugey on board (love KenzoAmour!) and vetiver as inspiration, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a winner.

  2. Doesn't the bottle look CdG-ish to you? Hmm...

  3. I`m afraid that my first association to that name wasn`t forest. But that`s only my dirty mind.
    Reminds me of an accident at MUA, when someone reprted about Bogner Wood, which was new at that time. But she mistyped it as Boner Wood. O dear.

  4. Dusan,

    A bit, in the sense that it's trendy.

  5. After "Storm Wood" in French to replace "French Lover", we now get "He Wood" in plain English:)

  6. The fragrance is very nice--I am actually lucky enough to own a 50-ml. bottle ahead of its release. It is slighly sweeter than Carolina Herrera's classic "212" but has a tinge of freshness, which is very delightful.


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