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The young Paris-based niche perfume house Nez à Nez, with roots in Grasse, founded by Christa Patout and her husband Stéphane Humbert in 2005 is planning to further expand this year. You can read the interview we had with them last year. Their collection of fragrances, composed by perfumer Karine Chevallier, will be available in the US from September 2007 in department stores such as Barneys, Bergdof Goodman, Bloomingdales, and elsewhere. That same month, Nez à Nez will also debut in Russia and Ukraine. Earlier in July, Spain will also be on the brand's map.......

Nez à Nez have announced that they will introduce a new perfume in September of 2007 called L'Hêtre Rêvé (lit. The Dreamt Beech Tree, with a word play meaning also The Dreamt Person/Being). It will be followed by Presqu'il in 2008 (based on a word play derived from the word "presqu'île", peninsula, and here meaning also "almost him", a hint at gender codification of perfumes.)

Currently, "The collection includes 10 EdPs, with prices ranging from €79 to €89: Ambre à Sade, Atelier d’Artiste, Bal Musqué, Bouche Baie, Figues et Garçons, Forêt de Bécharré, Marron Chic, Mille et une Figues, Rosier Ardent et Vanithé."

Read our Overview of the line and review of Atelier d'Artiste

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