L'Instant Magic by Guerlain {New Perfume} {Scented Thoughts}


Guerlain will introduce a new feminine fragrance called L'Instant Magic on September 1 2007. As reported by the brand, the new perfume has no filiation whatsoever with the original L'Instant except for a sensation of freshness that cuts across the whole fragrance.

Wouldn't it be more exciting to give it an altogether new name then? Apparently the needs of branding have overcome. Not only are the juices becoming more stereotypical, but the names of the perfumes are following that trend as well. Although please note that in this case, the perfume will be different, but the name will be confusingly similar to the original L'Instant........

Isn't just "Guerlain" on the bottle a signature good enough to carry the needs of branding? Where has imagination gone, one might ask, in this new era of Big Brother perfumes? George Orwell would have been surprised, I am sure, to see an illustration of his universe creeping up first in the world of fragrances. Fortunately, smaller houses are able to take more creative risks in their choices of names, a fact that now takes on the taste of salvation for the perfume consumer who would otherwise might feel an urge to scrape out the original name on the bottle and replace it with something more palatable for the sake of daily inspiration. Or we could go back to the practice of transferring the fragrances into well-chosen containers with no names on them to evade the forces of unifying marketing. Just a few thoughts.....

L'Instant Magic was created by Randa Hammami together with artistic director Sylvaine Delacourte. Notes include bergamot, rose, freesia, white musk, cedar, sandalwood, with almond-y nuances.

The perfume will be available for between 92 and 49.50 Euros.

Together with the new launch, the flacon of Insolence will be partially redesigned by its author Serge Mansau offering now a silvery, mirror-like surface with some pink glitz.

(Source: FashionMag.fr) 

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