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A trend that is not completely new in France, but has taken more significance lately is the use of old-fashioned floral scents to perfume all sorts of foodstuffs ranging from pastries and drinks to yoghurts and sugar. Violet and rose scents are especially popular, but offerings can also include, jasmine, lavender or even poppy. Monin offers delicately scented flower syrups and Quai Sud proposes floral sugars.....

Very interestingly, this return to old-fashioned aromas and scents can be interpreted as a desire to establish a simpler relationship to one's body. Not surprisingly, part of that trend can be seen reflected in recent fine perfumery launches that offer a deliciously quaint accord, in a way, of rose and violet like in Etat Libre d'Orange Putain des Palaces or Balmain La Môme.

Les rayons cosmétique et alimentation fleurent bon la rose in today's Le Monde

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  1. It does seem like a throwback to a more elegant past (violette pastilles, anyone?) and it hints perhaps at a desire to go further from the tutti-fruity that was so bubble-gum wothy in its ubiquitness.


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