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Fragrance Conspiracy presents itself on its business card as an alternative distributor of rare perfumes, the ones in particular created by artistic director Rami Mekdachi a former musician who is now well-known for having a knack in bringing out the soul and personality of a place and translating it into perfumes......

He is the man behind scents created for example for Hôtel Costes (with perfumer Olivia Giacobetti), Colette (with nose Benoist/Benoit Lapouza), or Pierre Frapin (with Benoist/Benoit Lapouza).The website is one of those sites that are interesting to navigate and whose design titillates creativity. The catalogue proposes seven ultra selective fragrances. Upcoming new creations are scents composed for gourmet grocery store Da Rosa, tailor Mariano Rubinacci, and day spa After The Rain.

Check out in particular home fragrances Greniers and Bureau by Cognac house Frapin, which sound particularly alluring. They can be found at Aus Liebe Zum Duft for 39 Euros.

Fragrance Conspiracy 

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  1. It must me Benoist Lapouza, not Bernard.

  2. Yes, it's actually on the website, I just did an unconscious replacement. He prefers to write his name with an "s" rather than a circumflex accent?


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