Sexy Thoughts by Paula Abdul {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}


If we already knew that Paula Abdul was planning to launch her debut signature perfume, we did not know yet that she could make the process sound so irreverent, especially when talking about her inspiration to compose a fragrance for Simon Cowell tentatively called "Ode to Simonella".......

To go back to her own perfume, which will be called Sexy Thoughts (apparently this is not a joke), developed in collaboration with Firmenich, expect the top note to be shy, the heart note playful, and the base note, very powerful, like herself. Well, she does not say exactly that, but we thought we could infer that somehow it would be structured that way. To explain the name of the perfume, Paula Abdul says ""When I wear my fragrance, its the strangest thing. I look around for Ashton Kutcher," Paula told Access Hollywood."I think I'm getting 'Punk'd' for real!"[...] "It's something that happens when people smell me," said Paula, referring to the fragrance's alluring name. "It provokes that! Its fun, its flirty, its chic. Its sexy."

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  1. ok; NOW i'm tired of celebrity perfumes. i mean, perfume business is getting over-crowded like everything else that can be used to get rich! ughhh

  2. Sexy Thoughts *headdesk*
    I`m seriously getting fed up.
    Let`s wait for the notes.

    Aren`t top notes supposed to be the opposite of shy? Which note is shy? I`m trying to imagine a celeb scent with heliotrope top note.

  3. Hmmm...

    SHY = White florals

    PLAYFUL = Fruity notes

    POWERFUL = Musky Woody Base

    I'll allow the name "Sexy Thoughts" for a Victoria's Secret scent but any scent named as such outside of the brand spells 'drugstore perfume' to my mind.

  4. okay first off if you dont like her perfume dont start talkinq about it thats mean and you are just showinq that you are just jeaulus of paula abdul and you shouldnt. paula is showinq that whatever you want to do in your life wheather its peerfume, clothes, singer, dancer etc qo for it so im qoinq to stick up for paula because she is showinq us that we can do whatever we want if we really want to love you paula your biqqest fan carolina

    carolina hernandez
  5. When is it getting released??? Anybody know???

    • You know, I completely forgot about this one.

      Chant Wagner

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