Your Current Top 3 Fragrances {Ask Marie-Helene}


Dear Readers,

Karen from Australia is doing a research on fragrance tastes. Here is her letter:.......


I hope you're keeping well. My name's Karen and I'm from Australia where it's winter time; in the course of researching the history of the perfume industry for school, I came across your excellent web site and intend keeping up with it on a regular basis; please keep up the excellent work. My reason for writing is I need to collect any comments from people on what their favorite scents are and the reasons why and haven't had much success.

If you can respond on what your current three favorite scents are (as in any floral, or perfume related scents, but not anything food related) and the reasons why (in 2 or 3 sentences) for each one named, I would be very grateful. If in case 3 picks is too difficult, please make it your 4 or 5 favorite ones. Please refrain from offering technical, or chemical engineering related reasons. [....]


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  1. Samsara
    Miss Me Stella Cadente

  2. Christian Dior Bois D'Argent Cologne. Love it becuase it just smells so good on me.

    Hermès Parfum des Merveilles. Love it for it versatility, day/night, winter/summer.

    Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT. Love it for it's sexy sensuality.

  3. All of the following fragrances for the simple reason that they smell particularly good on me:

    Floris Seringa - b/c it is green, invigorating, reminds me of a well-loved smell from my childhood and I positively love the soap that goes with it, which is even greener.

    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue - b/c it smells very good on me even though there is a passage in the middle that I do not completely care for.

    Patou 1000 - b/c it smells great on me, is elegant, and has a wonderful osmanthus note in it, which combined with the iris makes for a rare beautiful combination.


    Serge Lutens Muscs Koublaï Khan - b/c it is exquisite and not too heavy in the summer.

  4. What a fun project!

    Here it is, then:

    Opium In eau de toilette and extrait de parfum)- because it is etched in my memory with who I am at the core and with every major thing in my life-course. I hope I die with it on me and that people remember me by it.

    Narciso (in eau de toilette)- because it is the merest caress of well-skilled hands.

    Chanel no.19 (in eau de toilette)- because elegance and cool poise has a number.

  5. Well, this list changes a lot. For today:
    Bulgari Au The Blanc - bcs. it starts out light and clean, then deepens and lasts. It smells wonderful.
    Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil - it is the essence of summer.
    DKNY Cashmere Mist has jasmine with a woody base, so it's not too sweet. It is perfect for all situations and seasons.

  6. What an intriguing project - for what kind of school?

    Gucci Rush - the one that got me interested in perfume as an art, that could be abstract like any other. Smells humid, human, and both sophisticated and cheap. Weird. My husband loves it on me.

    Chanel Bois Des Iles (and the male version, Egoiste) - striking and yet subtle, good in any season. The closest olfactory equivalent to a glowing golden light.

    Frederic Malle Parfum de Therese - long, complex development that keeps me sniffing my arm. Radiant and smart.

    Right now, I'm also loving Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan, a light, linear scent that is still fascinatingly deep.

  7. Chopard Madness: because smells wonderful on me, lasts all day and is opulent and spicy with an animalic streak which cuts through the richness and keeps it from being over the top.

    Biagiotti Roma: because it smells gorgeous, and because it is a woman's perfume, not a girly thing. And because it embodies the best of the things that come to mind when I think of Rome and Roman women.

    Serge Lutens Miel du Bois: because it melds so completely with my skin that it's not me wearing a honey-scented perfume. It's me smelling of bittersweet honey.

    But tose are just the favourites of the moment...

  8. gucci pour homme 2 -- i like this one because of its soft spiciness, it develops very well on my skin and it doesn't wear off easily. however, it isn't offensive at all, and i have gotten compliments from it!

    creed green irish tweed -- my 1st experience with creed git which at 1st i thought smelt like pine trees! but after wearing a few times, i found that this is an amazing fragrance. this one lasts all day and i've also gotten many compliments as a result of wearing.

    jean paul gaultier -- it's an edition of le male in a red bottle...bought it from e-bay and this one hsn't been released in stores yet (and the seller couldn't release the name for that reason) but it smells sweet, but still manly. i love it even though i haven't loved a lot of "sweet" fragrances and this one is very sweet, but for some reason, i love wearing it!

  9. Every time I have opportunity and I find it in shops/nearly impossible now/ Jil Sander JIL,for the simple was my first perfume and still love it..its totally me..

    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle just simply gorgeous

    And arabic oil parfume called Poison from Al-Maha Eye's jasmine based heavy smell,which was a present from my friend as a reminder of Saudi Arabia...


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