What Does a Fragrance & Flavor Consultant Do... {The 5fth Sense in the News}

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Fragrance and flavor consultant Hazel MacTavish of MacTavish Consulting Ltd. smells deeply for a living,

“It is like a fine wine. There are top, middle and base notes,” says Dr Hazel MacTavish, inhaling deeply. Dr MacTavish is a freelance fragrance and flavour expert who lives and breathes her work......

“When you smell a flower, for example a lily, it is a complex fragrance. When you first smell, you get the top notes: heady, fresh, green like cut grass. Then you keep smelling and you get to the middle notes, which can smell like lily of the valley, jasmine, orange or grapefruit.

“Then, as the flower ages you get the base notes, which are spicy, clovey, woody and sometimes a bit bitter. This is the deep base of the fragrance; it is the part of the fragrance which hangs on the longest.”

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