Cost of Corruption = 1 Perfume Bottle, Testing & Imagining Scents in Toronto & France {The 5th Sense in the News}



The New York Post has an article on possible misdemeanors on the part of perfume reviewers and Chandler Burr in particular.

We must be missing something because it seems to us that it is a little low to try to corrupt a perfume reviewer with a perfume bottle, or even a few. Some people apparently think that a fragrance flacon is the equivalent of a gold bar. It does have the same color, sometimes.

It does appear though that some members of the industry were characteristically pushy with Burr, offering him money.

It would be interesting to dig out similar stories, which must exist, with movie, restaurant, wine, food, beauty product, spa critics and see why perfumes seem to attract more attention......

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Thanks to the National Post, several perfumes were tested in Toronto with the hipsters crowd to try to anticipate which ones will be hits this fall. Perfume expert Marian Bendeth also asked several French perfumers what perfume they would want to create for a defunct celebrity. The least predictable? Jean -Michel Duriez's plan for a marine scent for Marie-Antoinette:

It would be a simple scent: I can imagine Marie Antoinette wearing a nice fresh floral note with aquatic undertones -- the scent of the ocean in the middle of Versailles in the 18th century. This refreshing marine note is in contrast to a time when the perfumes were heavy, sticky and opulent, more Coppola's interpretation of her personality.

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