Les Bains du Marais Soleil de Corse, Citronnier en Sicile, Figuier à Bordighera, & Verger en Méditerranée {New Fragrances}

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Les Bains du Marais is a spa destination in the Oriental hammam tradition located in the midst of the Marais quarter in Paris. They have recently partnered up with company Expressions Parfumées to launch four new perfumes in the Eaux de Fraîcheur collection, all dedicated to a celebration of the aromas of the Mediterranean region......

The line includes Soleil de Corse (Corsican Sun), Citronnier en Sicile (Lemon Tree in Sicily), Figuier à Bordighera (Fig Tree in Bordighera), and Verger en Méditerranée (Orchard in the Mediterranean).

If we get more information, we will publish them. For now we have a detailed description of one of the perfumes, Soleil de Corse. Top notes are green and floral. The heart is expansive and soft with notes of dry fig, star aniseed, and laurel. The base is woody, sensual, and warm with notes of cedar wood, fig wood, and dry fruits.

Each fragrance retails 60 Euros for 100 ml.

Les Bains du Marais plan to open spas in New York and Russia in the near future and to expand globally in the coming years.

(Source: Beauté-Addict, Cosmétique Hebdo) 

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