{Perfume Q & A} with Karl Bradl of Aedes de Venustas - Tastes of Summer: 2007 Bestseller Summery Fragrances

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Karl Bradl is the owner, together with Robert Gerstner, of a perfumista's haven situated in the West Village in New York City called Aedes de Venustas. Their gorgeous (see the peacock art that mirrors the peacock in their window display) well-organized website is a treat to visit too and we can vouch for their excellent service.

Not surprisingly fresh, herbal-y, transparent, juicy, and discreet skin fragrances were favored amongst patrons. Anything to help beat the heat.....

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As we have come to experience the dog days of summer (but maybe not in your area) what have been so far the bestsellers of this 2007 summer season?

- Hierbas de Ibiza, Serge Lutens Un Lys, L'Artisan Jatamansi, Creed Virgin Island Water, Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecule

Any perfumes or products that you regret customers have not paid enough attention to, although they would be great to wear or use now?

- Paratus by Montgomery Taylor
Parfum d'Empire Eau Suave

Apart from the fragrances that you sell yourself, any others (such as classics, foreign fragrances, hard-to-find perfumes) that you can recommend for our readers to seek out?

- Discontinued and therefore almost impossible to find but hopefully coming back soon*: IUNX L'eau Qui Pique is a wonderfully fresh and summery mint and red pepper composition (I use mine sparingly)

For the non-snobs: what is the cheapest perfume that you could suggest, from your store, that is still great quality and appropriate for the summer (if the conventional seasonal divide makes any sense to you)?

- Esteban's Secrète Afrique (fruity, citrus with hints of woody notes) and Passion Bresil (a musky green floral).  Both are fine, complex fragrances ($45 for 3.4oz) (see our reviews: Secrète Afrique & Passion Brésil)

For people with exclusive tastes: what is the most expensive perfume that you carry in your store that you recommend as a must  for this summer?

- Yü by Mane ($5000)
Creed Fleur de The Rose Bulgare (from the private collection $300)

Do you have any celebrity tips that you can share with us? Who bought what this summer?

- Favorites among our celebrity clientele is everything Diptyque, the L'Artisan/Aedes candle and home fragrance, La Ligne de St. Barth products, Santa Maria Novella Foot Cream, Escentric Molecule.

Aedes de Venustas has also a great sample program thanks to which you can order 7 samples for $15. 

*Note: Karl, after clarification, said he hoped that IUNX L'Eau Qui Pique would return, but that this is a wish on his part, not a scoop!

(Photos courtesy of Sale Bête and Aedes de Venustas

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