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A very good tip from Camille Goutal on how to maxime the effect your perfume can have. We like the fact that she combines the precepts of two separate schools of thoughts on where to apply perfume, i.e., clothes vs. skin. Some purists and professionals recommend avoiding direct contact of the scent onto the skin and rather to spray it onto your clothes (which will ultimately make the fragrance come in contact with your skin or be activated by your body heat but more subtly). See how Camille Goutal does it:.......

"....So when the 32-year-old mother of two wants to wear one of her strongest perfumes, such as Guerlain's Mitsouko, she turns to a routine she has developed for perfuming herself thoroughly but subtly. It starts the night before she wears the perfume, as she sprays it lightly on the outfit she plans to wear the next day. "The smell of a perfume changes less on clothes than when it is applied to the skin," Ms. Goutal says.

In the morning, she leans over and sprays the nape of her neck a couple of times. Then, holding the bottle a few inches away, she mists her hair with the scent, though only lightly since the alcohol in perfume can make hair dry. She dresses in the clothes she has misted the night before. The perfume is less noticeable than if she sprayed the same amount directly on herself."

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