What Smells Better Than Sarah Jessica Parker Covet? {The 5th Sense in the News}

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Sarah Jessica Parker has launched her new fragrance Covet and rather than to dissect the notes in the new jus, she has preferred to stress that her ideal comfort fragrance would be to bottle up the scent of her four year old son James' bedroom.....


"Not to sound treacly, but it would be how my son's bedroom smells when you walk in," Parker says. "(The scent is) clean, and it's mixed with their sweat while they're sleeping and the cotton of their blankets and the moisture that's right underneath their hair. But you almost don't want to share it."

Read more about her olfactory preferences and memories in USA today

You can also see pictures of her public appearance at Herald Square Macys and the TV ad for her perfume here

And by the way, if you love the scent of a baby's or young child's head, Miller Harris Coeur d'Eté, which was composed during the perfumer's pregnancy, we find, is spot on. 

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