Elle by Yves Saint Laurent: Discover it First in Second Life & on its Own Site {Fragrance News} {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

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The internet is not yet scented, but it might very well be one day in the not-so-distant future. Meanwhile perfume brands like Yves Saint Laurent are becoming more and more present on the world wide web.........

To help kick start its campaign for its new major feminine fragrance, Elle, Yves Saint Laurent is extending an invitation to perfume afcionados to come discover the new perfume in Second Life on October 1st 2007 at 8 pm (we are assuming Paris local time). The tag line for the advertising campaign is "Qui est elle?"/"Who is Elle?".

You can go visit this YSL-Elle website where a teaser is already showing a model seen from her back dressed in an Yves Saint Laurent blazer outfit walking in front of the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

This year YSL is promoting the cause of Art and is a partner of the annual FIAC (International Art Modern Exhibition) at the Grand Palais Louvre, Paris.

You can go here for more information about the fragrance.

(Source: press release) 

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  1. In Second Life? That scent is going to be worse than Young Sexy Lovely.

  2. I've sniffed 'elle' 2 weeks ago & it is Stella Mcartny + patchouli - which represent the masculine touch according to the brief- , very disappointing even the SA at YSL counter complained that YSL used to be a trend setter & know it follows the others, it is too thick & makes me uncomfortable.
    the bottle looks ok in real due to the bright fauschia but it is not YSL standard.
    & the price for a 50 ml bottle is 90$ !!! what a shame to YSL history & Jacques Cavallier too who could have created somthing better. .
    the SA told me that Stefano Pilati has no control on the beaute sector, it is Chantal Ross just unlike Tom Ford who used to take responsiblty on the aroma, packaging & campaign... well Pilati clothes are well designed & respects Yves culture I hope he would have some control in the future to save this beautiful house.

  3. YSL is a really modern artist !

  4. Tariq,

    Thank you for your input. Me-too scents are cropping up so it is not surprising to hear your report. I'd still be interested to test it of course.

  5. Pierre,

    His style is instantly recognizable, even seen from the back!

  6. elle means "she"


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