Montaigne by Caron Now Available & Clarification on Caron L'Astrolabe {Fragrance News}

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As we announced it previously, Montaigne by Caron, a very confidential yet bestseller fragrance for the brand, christened after the location of the main boutique in Paris, 34, avenue Montaigne was set to be relaunched this fall and more widely distributed.......

It is already available on the site of and will be available at the Caron boutique in New York in October of 2007. The line has expanded to include a body lotion; talc powder will be forthcoming.

The jus proposed this time is in a new eau de parfum concentration. According to a source, the perfume is fundamentally the same, especially noticeably so in the dry-down, but is "a little tweaked", which is to be expected since the concentration is different. The previous available concentrations were pure parfum and eau de toilette.

A clarification about a rumor regarding a new Caron jus is in order; L'Astrolabe by Caron is not a perfume but a watch that one wears as a pendant on a necklace. It is in the shape of a terrestrial globe and opens to reveal the time. It is sold in the Caron boutique in Paris. 


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