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Perfume bottle collectors and Shalimar aficionados can rejoice. As briefly reported previously, Guerlain is issuing for the holiday season a special limited edition of the great classic oriental perfume Shalimar called the "Shalimar édition limitée Noël". The striking transformation is a first and found at the diametrically opposite end of the color spectrum of a previous special edition in transparent Baccarat crystal.

The scent, in both Eau de Parfum and Parfum concentrations, is dressed for the occasion in a sumptuous new black outfit that is like an echo of the Black Orloff diamond or again perhaps, the reflection of the moon on peacocks that strut about the gardens of Shalimar at night, according to the press release. Guerlain explain that they want to explore the mysterious side of Shalimar with this new color.......


The faceted black glass that mimics jet-black crystal has enough transparency to offer bluish nuances, in reference to the classic bottle designed by Raymond Guerlain, which won the first prize at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs in 1925.

The press release offers this quote by Jean-Paul Guerlain, which explains in part the inspiration for this limited edition of a Shalimar dressed in a black evening gown:

"La vanille est célèbre comme aphrodisiaque et je crois que cela est vrai. Mon grand-père, Jacques, m'apprit à aimer la vanille parce qu'elle ajoute quelque chose de merveilleusement érotique à un parfum. Cela fit de Shalimar une robe du soir outrageusement décolletée." 

"Vanilla is famous as an aphrodisiac and I think that this is true. My grand-father, Jacques Guerlain, taught me how to love vanilla as it adds something wonderfully erotic to a perfume. It turned Shalimar into an evening gown with an outrageously plunging neckline."

Shalimar is classified as a soft oriental. Top notes are citron, bergamote; heart notes are jasmine, May Rose; base notes are orris, incense, opoponax, tonka bean, and vanilla.

(Photo: Guerlain) 

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