Remembering Charlie.....{Scented Images} {Scented Thoughts}

charlie_1980_ad.jpgAfter having mentioned yesterday the iconic Revlon Charlie perfume ads of the 1970s as presenting the counter-archetype of the woman seen as object as proposed in several recent perfume adverts, we decided to revisit some of these 1970s and 80s ads to reconnect for a time with Charlie's bouncy step.

Many of us remember energetic Charlie walking with a conquering spring in her step. She wore pants and to show off that she really knew how to wear them, her stride was amplified, made almost exaggerated at times, like the stylized idea of independence and confidence. Man, she could walk some giant steps on behalf of all women.

Here are some images to remember Charlie who could even reveal herself to be on occasion (unfortunately) paternalistic, if provoked by the behind of a man; sexual harassment you said? Connais pas. What a change of scenes in the current adverts we talked about yesterday which contain allusions to a rather crude sexual assault, a woman with half a face who is really the dream of an inflatable sex doll, and submissive femininity in general. Blame it on cultural eclectism and trends rather than on an overall ideology but still.....

Charlie Advert.jpg
Charlie in 1978 for the UK 
Charlie Revlon Ad1.jpg
Charlie in 1975  
Charlie Ad3.jpg
Charlie in 1975 for the USA 
Charlie Dancing.jpg
Dancing Disco Charlie in 1980 for the US 
1980 Charlie Christmas Santa Claus.jpg
Charlie in 1980 wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, walking fast and proud while towering over Santa Claus. She could obviously kick his a--
Charlie Revlon patting derriere.jpg
And yes, 1980s big-shouldered Charlie playing with reversal of codes and giving a little paternalistic pat-pat on her colleague's derrière while still standing taller than him. "She's very Charlie" humorously stresses the ad, not seeming to be bothered by any progressive clues about sexual harassment issues in the work place.
(Sources: Okadi, where you can purchase the ads, Jipemania, Advertising Archives)  

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  1. Isn't it a shame that advertising has taken such a crass turn lately...
    Love this post you made and especially the last playful ad! ;-)
    Merci madame pour ceci!

  2. Merci Helg. I had to chuckle when I saw it. I remembered some of the ads, but never encountered that one, which was taking the whole Charlie concept a bit further:)

  3. I have time find Charlie blush I was she marine in the 1973 collection please it was in a light blue small compact cream blush


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