Terry Richardson, is the New Darling of Perfume Advertising, Which Means More Sex Please {Scented Images} {Scented Thoughts} {Trend Alert}

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Open your eyes!  Photographer Terry Richardson is becoming fashionable among celebrities wanting to promote their perfumes from the porno-chic angle. He is well-known for his graphic aesthetics and these days, it seems that one needs all the attention one can create to pull a perfume out of the crowd, nay sea, of new releases. After Tom Ford decided in a dramatic reversal of aesthetic choices to play the Terry Richardson card rather than the Marilyn Minter one, the Beckhams have also enlisted Richardson's camera to promote the Intimately Beckham Night duo......

The pictures are less hard-core than for the Tom Ford ads, but play with a similar register. A series of photos showing the British couple in bed are going to accompany the promotion of their new perfumes. Again - isn't this becoming a trademark pose? - David is looking at the camera and Victoria, not. Open your eyes! The passive image of the woman as opposed to the active image of the man is resurfacing a bit much in a number of perfume ads lately, including that of Unforgivable for Women. These guys are shaping our perception of seduction as mediated by perfume as well as of "hot" relationships between men and women. The myth of the woman-object is well alive. And we could add, where have thee gone Charlie?

They are famous for their clean-cut family image. But David and Victoria Beckham pose in a sultry, semi-pornographic embrace under crisp white bed linen to show their 'dark side' – while launching a new perfume. 

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