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There is a very interesting interview of Alan Stuart, co-founder of Headonism, a line of organic scented hair care on, "The UK's hottest ethical lifestyle magazine." The fragrances are so good a French perfumer could not believe his nose when he caught the aroma of Scent 2 and was told it was coming from a shampoo and not from a fragrance.....

So with regard to my favourite, I would have to relate this to when I composed the fragrances for the three scents that we use in our range. Scent 1 is a mix of cinnamon, bergamot, frankincense, spruce etc. and was a eureka moment when I finally nailed the blend. Scent 3 was an easier blend of citrus and forest-like spruce. But I would have to say, Scent 2 is my favourite  with oils of ylang-ylang, patchouli and vetivert, it is a heady mix of the orient and the mystical. I love how the scent gently veils the room when you wash your hair in it. Apparently a top nose (perfumier from France) was stopped in his tracks upon 'meeting¹ Scent 2 at a party and was amazed that this was not a perfume, but a scent within a shampoo.

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