Vétiver Pour Elle by Guerlain {Fragrance News}


Initially launched in 2004 as a limited edition, Vétiver Pour Elle will be included this fall in the Guerlain collection called Les Parisiennes.

How could it be otherwise? Jean-Paul Guerlain's female friends after having adopted his original Vétiver, which he composed in 1959 when he was just 18, were begging him to offer a feminine twist on the classic fragrance. Even if adopted by generations of women who had not waited for anyone's permission to make Vétiver theirs, curiosity being part of human nature and dissatisfaction the motor of progress or history at least, a Vétiver For Her was felt to be long overdue.....

And it is always interesting to see how the master would translate the same idea into a more feminine idiom. Which he did.

The new feminine vetiver perfume includes notes of honeysuckle, nutmeg,Tonka Bean, and Bergamote from Calabria.

It will be available in one of the beautiful Guerlain bee bottles dating back to the Second Empire. This summer, the perfume house had already released an extreme masculine version of its classic Vétiver called Vétiver Extrême.

(Source: Osmoz.fr) 

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  1. Sounds wonderful, and a lovely bottle, too, of course. :)

  2. It does indeed. And the color, green, makes the bee bottle look positively irresistible, to me:)

  3. Yes Yes Yes. Cant wait to
    try it. I always have the
    men's version.

  4. Does anyone know where Vetiver Pour Elle by Guerlain can be purchased?

    John Palladino
  5. You could check with the Guerlain counter at Bergdorf Goodman


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