Caline Sweet Appeal by Grès {New Perfume}

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Grès after Caline (2005) and Caline Night (2006) is issuing a third Caline perfume called Caline Sweet Appeal. It was composed by Nathalie Lorson of Firmenich Fine Fragrances and is described as a floral-chypre-oriental fragrance.......

It was designed to be a sexier version than the existing Calines.

Perfume includes notes of kumquat, neroli petals, jasmine tea, heliotrope, white chocolate, sandalwood, musk, and patchouli.  

I smelled Caline (by Thierry Wasser) only once and quickly at an airport boutique but remember thinking I should get back to it as it left me with a favorable impression.

And now for a note on French: the French word used to name the fragrance is normally accented thus, "câline", but they have anglicized the spelling to make it more international-looking. I am not sure I like this simplifying trend as it might induce people in error and takes out some of the flavor from French. It also sort of hurts me to write it without the accent as it looks quite naked without it!

(Source: The Moodie Report

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