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Tom Brady Original Stetson Ad2.jpg

We have some great pictures to show you today, thanks to Coty who just released the much anticipated new advertisement for Stetson Original fronted by Tom Brady.

Interestingly, the photographer captured a somewhat melancholy (yet seductive) air on Tom Brady's features, which might be a smart move and be interpreted as a diplomatic gesture extended to that part of the potential audience for Stetson Original and followers of celebrity gossip news who resent his escapades. See our previous post here that elicited some strongly worded comments regarding Brady's private life. Another pic here taken from behind the scenes of the shoots at a farm in California.

Tom Brady seems to be saying in the new ad "I know what you think of me, I am not that proud about it myself........but hey, it's not going to keep me down for ever. Life may be confusing sometimes, but it's still good at the core."

And here is the full spread......

Tom Brady Original Stetson Ad1.jpg


More images are available on the Stetson website  and videos will be shortly available there too.
(Photos courtesy of Coty press release) 

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  1. What's with the frozen buns? If it's cold enough to wear a shearling coat, it is cold enough to cover the glutes.

    That ad is just all sorts of stupid really.

    Fragrant Funster
  2. I see how it could look discrepant. I think it's more about sending a sexual message though here and also in real life, people do tend to have varying degrees of reaction to the ambient temperature. He does not seem to be wearing anything under his coat. A masculine variation on the erotic theme of the naked woman in a fur coat?

  3. OMG! these pictures are of a great looking man looking sexy to sell cologne. He couldn't care less about what anyone thinks of his baby issues! He did the right thing in NOT marrying a woman who would tried to use a baby to trap him and that he no longer loves. He does not need anyones approval and couldn't care less. Seems to me Tom Brady is better than ever and leaving his ex Bridget is the biggest reason for his revival. She was bad news according to his family and friends and he unfortunately had to find that out the hard way!

  4. tom brady is such a ---. have you seen the broke back pic of him?

  5. No, I haven't seen it. He is a polarizing personality.

  6. so i google stetson after seeing it referenced somewhere and come up with a picture of a new englander selling the cowboy hat that his girlfriend is wearing, while he himself is wearing a fur coat in a grassy meadow on a sunny day.


    • Tom Brady is actually a native of California :) But I can see where you might get confused over the authenticity of the images you see :) Looks like you don't like that ad!

      Chant Wagner

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