Original by Claire Burke {New Perfume}

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Claire Burke who usually specializes in home fragrances has released a limited edition personal Eau de Parfum called Original based on their Original pot-pourri recipe, which is the best-seller of the brand. The launch marks the 50th anniversary of the brand founded by interior decorator Claire Burke.........

The pot-pourri itself is said to include: fragrant pink roses, purple larkspur, creamy blossoms, and pale green botanicals. The Original line of products, including the Eau de Parfum and the pot-pourri, offers notes of roses, lavender, spices, patchouli, and vetiver.

Original EDP retails for $40 and the pot-pourri for $18. 

You can read an article in Gifts and Decorative Accessories about the history of the Claire Burke brand. 


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  1. I live in Richmond, VA and want to know of any stores in my area that carry Claire Burke Original Perfume.
    Thank you

    • Hope someone can help you out.

      Chant Wagner

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