An Announcement for Plagiarists, Plunderers & Pilferers of All Hues & Shades {Ask Marie-Helene}

This announcement is for you who take contents out of this blog without attribution and without our permission, simply copy and paste a whole post or translate it into a foreign language or take out the news or scholarly contents of 3 or 4 different sources in different languages assembled into one post here without giving credit and linking back to The Scented Salamander......

I will write separately to you but for all those who would be tempted to do the same, please note that people notice this kind of things and this is officially called "plagiarism"and "copyright infringement". If this was an oversight on your part, please correct it.

An excerpt and only an excerpt of the text that interests you with a link back does not require of you to contact me. If I notice that your site contains pornography, racist slurs etc, then I will ask you to take out my contents. If you hesitate ask yourself what would be a "fair" usage, what you would like people to do onto you or contact me.

Now, a crash course in Plagiarism 101 from the University of Texas at Dallas:

"To submit to your instructor a paper or comparable assignment that is not truly the product of your own mind and skill is to commit plagiarism.  To put it bluntly, plagiarism is the act of stealing the ideas and/or expression of another and representing them as your own."

Our many thanks to the readers who have reported these issues.

(Image from the University of New South Wales)

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  1. I had not really thought about this before, but now that you have brought it up.It could explain some of the strange hit patterns that show up on our main site. Particularly from Asia. And since I do not read Chinese, I have no idea what is really being said. I am also skeptical of those blog postes who try and leave links to other sites. Often pornographic sites. I have seen my blog content pasted, or parts of it quoted on other sites in the past, but don't have the time to track everyone down who is stealing content. Sometimes I think it isn't worth it, with all of the work that goes into it.
    Best, Liz Zorn

  2. Thank you for your comment:)

  3. At least the name of your blog didn't "inspire" other "authors" as did mine. I was very surprised to see other 1000&something blogs and ... strangely also on perfumes.

    Octavian Coifan

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