More is Better: Luxury Holidays Splurge at Bond No.9 + Promo Code {Luxury Perfumes}

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If you really need to spend money you can direct your steps to Bond No.9 because they have a few offerings to help you do that and a promotional code on all orders (see end of post). For people who love to sample at leisure, there is the I Love New York double-decker sampler which includes a dozen 50 ml bottles of perfumes you get to pick, we hope,

"The I Love New York Double-Decker Sampler Box

Downtown Eaux de parfum  (50ml flacons), arrayed in a lush white keepsake box (with the Bond No. 9 logo debossed on the top) that captures the emerging new minimalist luxury trend to a t.  This year’s definitive holiday gift – if you can bear to part with it.  $1600".....

Scent of Peace Holidays Bond No.9.jpg

There is also a particularly well decorated bottle of The Scent of Peace to help promote the spirit of the holidays,

The Scent of Peace Takes Sparkling Flight

Our most stellar  perfume (grapefruit…black currant … lily of the valley), in a limited – edition Flacon whose dove-in-flight design is traced in Amethyst, white, and opalescent swarovski crystals.  A uniquely shimmering statement of the longing For peace$470


And there is more if you care to visit the Bond No.9 website.....


With promo code MAKEUPALLEY, you get 15% off + free shipping 


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