Male Orchid Bees Are Born Perfumers {The Fifth Sense in the News}

Orchid bee by G. Dimidjia, via Biology Blog 

Gentlemen of the human species, please take note! The male orchid bee might be your new master in scented courtship. There is a lovely and interesting article on the Channel 4 News website where we learn that males of this species need to blend a multi-layered complex individual perfume to attract females. The scent features notes of decaying wood, sap, and flowers...mmm......

"Prof Armbruster said: "The males collect scents from flowers, sap and decaying wood with their front legs and store them in their hind legs until they have accumulated a complex blend.

"It is thought this creation of a perfume helps the male attract a female and helps the female choose which male to accept. The scent acts a little like sex pheromones."

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