Interview with Francis Kurkdjian in Libération {Fragrant Reading}



There is an interesting interview with Francis Kurkdjian in Libération today. Some of the highlights or news we learn are that he has the ambition of creating his own brand in the future, like Karl Lagerfeld or Phillipe Starck.....

and confesses to an inordinate level of ambition that he ascribes to the fact that he is the son of immigrants. He likens his customization of perfumes for women (80% of his clientele) to "being a little bit like a psychotherapy". Creation in perfumery is a constant reinterpretation of the same parameters and when there is a good story to start with (Le Mâle), usually the perfume will be good,

Read more in Libération....

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  1. It's not L'Express, but Libération...

  2. Yes, thanks! I must have been looking at the wrong tab.


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