Samsung Perfume Cellphones For Women {The 5th Sense in the News}


Samsung have released two new cellphones, the SGH-L310 and SGH-L320, which are said to have been specially conceived for women and which therefore, include a scent-matching system.

It is often reported that women have a more sensitive sense of smell than men and for some reason this seems to be reflected in the perfume industry practice of hiring mostly women as perfume evaluators. There are traditionally more men perfumers than women though, which seems here to draw a traditional gender barrier in the professional realm. Think about the minority of women chefs that exist as opposed to cooking seen as a feminine specialized activity in the domestic realm......


According to Gizmodo the cellphones include,

"female applications" inside like a shopping list function, a perfume-matching system and a calorie counter. Of course there's techy stuff like Bluetooth, 2 mega pixel cameras and concealed external screens [...]

and the perfume system sounds strange: its suggestions are based on your favorite food, drinks and so on."

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From the Samsung press release,

"The Samsung L310 will be available in Russia and Hungary from February and will be expanded into other European countries. The price will be around 240 Euro without subsidy. The Samsung L320 will be available in Russia and CIS market from February at around 220 Euro without subsidy." (via Digital World Tokyo)


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  1. It's False! There is no such sexist truth in the perfume industry/smell. Then...with all the male perfumers should we conclude (after this marketing nonsense) that most perfumes would be better if done by women?
    I like their phone idea, but I dissaprove saying that kind of lies to people. I thought sexism belonged to an older era.

    Octavian Coifan
  2. Octavian,

    It does not necessarily mean that. There may be a natural predisposition but the training part would be essential. Moreover, perfume-making is very much an intellectual, creative activity - when taken seriously - so, a good nose in and of itself is not enough.

    In fact I sometimes wonder if it's not best to have an average nose (but a great olfactory memory), so that you can assess a perfume like the great majority of people would.


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