Perfumes, Cosmetics, & Designs Awards for Best Beauty & Perfume Packaging {Fragrance News}


The Perfumes, Cosmetics, & Designs Congress, which will become an annual event from now on, have awarded prizes in the beauty and fragrance categories for best packaging. The prizes reward qualities of innovation and what is described as that special relationship that is the "formulation/packaging complementarity". The jury composed of journalists and packaging experts was not able to reach a consensus so mentions were given this year alongside the main prize in each category.

For feminine perfumes, Palazzo by Fendi which reproduced the beautiful classical architecture of the Palazzo Fendi won the award and Elle by Yves Saint Laurent which seemed to mimic the classic structure of a YSL tuxedo and also looked like an angular YSL lipstick tube won a mention.....


For masculine fragrances, Attitude by Giorgio Armani inspired by an elegant art deco design won the cup while Fuel For Life by Diesel with its inventive, grungy zipped textile cover won a mention (it looks better in real life than on the pic -- mud was added for photography styling purposes).

In the beauty category the prizes are:

Makeup: skin: Perfect Touch YSL ; mascara : Lash XL d’Estée Lauder ; Lips : Rouge Allure de Chanel ; mention pour Color Fever de Lancôme.

Skin & Hair Care : face skin care : (no award this year) pas de prix remis cette année dans cette catégorie ; hair : Tec Play Ball de L’Oréal ; men : lait pour le corps Armani Code (body lotion).

It sounds like PCD could have been more systematic and there could have been more categories, but that is all that we saw mentioned so far.  

(Emballages Magazine) Images: Nordstrom, Parfum-Beaute, Saks

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