Yves Rocher Rose Ispahan {Perfume Review In A Nutshell} {Smell-The-Roses-Till-Valentine's Day Challenge - Day 10}


Rose Ispahan by Yves Rocher offers a filiation with Yves Rocher Ispahan in as much as it seems to belong to the same soft-oriental family. Little information is forthcoming however as the scent is discontinued. The Rose of Ispahan or Isfahan is a varietal of rose also called Pompon des Princes.

Rose Ispahan, it turns out, is indeed a pompon-y perfume, evocative of the very texture of the rose after which it was named. Imagine a downy comforter metaphorically filled with rose petals instead of goose down, vanilla beans, and amber, maybe some yellow peaches.....

The perfume offers a quilted texture and feels like a little puffy cloud of sweet gentle things hovering above the skin. One wants to put one's finger in it to see if it will make a dimple.

The rose here is modest, more on the edible side, honeyed, chocolate-y  -- a gourmand comforting Rose Ganache or Rose Cocoon for people who would feel too self-conscious about bringing their blankees along with them in public.

For a similar effect minus the rose, Yves Rocher Néonatura Cocoon is a great regressive chocolate fragrance by the same brand, which is easily available.

(Image: Se Me Boto La Canica) 

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  1. Rose Ispahan is my favorite perfume, and, as my luck would have it, has been discontinued by Rocher. If anyone knows where it can still be purchased, or can recommend a similar fragrance, I'd much appreciate it. I'm down to my last half-bottle!

  2. i know how u feel!! if anyone anywhere knows where this perfume can still be purchased please please please let us know!! ive been searching for months seriously

  3. looking for Rose Isaphan perfume also any help?

  4. I have got a new bottle available, it's an unwanted gift, planning to put it on online auction site, anyone interested?

  5. What size is the bottle and how much $AU are you selling it for?

  6. price please

  7. hi, me too im searching it ,it's my favourite parfum i never smell any parfum like it ,please the price

  8. Who knows, maybe Yves Rocher will re-edit this one. They have been doing this lately.

  9. It's 75mL (2.5Oz). Expected to sell it at $55. I'm in NZ so plus postage cost $20 to post to Australia. AU$75.

  10. By the way, if you are interested email me at fantax016(at)gmail.com (include 'Rose Ispahan' in the subject would be helpful) as I don't visit this post very often :) And any offers are welcomed before I put it on the online auction site.

  11. I am allowing people to complete transaction on this perfume but please keep in mind that this blog is not a forum for commercial exchanges. If it were, we would be charging fees.


  12. *want to buy*
    I used to use Rose Ispahan it was my favorite perfume when i found out it was discontinued i was very shocked! i have not found a perfume that matches up to it if you are willing to sell this perfune for a reasonable price i would like to purcase it thank you. email:jakki.luv(at)gmail.com

  13. does anyone know where I can purchase Rose Isaphan anywhere in the world?

    M Croft
    • I would just try to find it somewhere online. Yves Rocher have re-edited several of their oldies but goodies from their catalog. Let's hope they do the same with Rose Ispahan which seems to have a serious following.

      Chant Wagner
  14. halooooo rose ısfahan plasse

  15. I have a 60ml bottle of Rose Isaphan that I don´t use. I used it for a week but it´s not a perfume for me so the bottle is almost "unused".Contact me if you want to buy it :)

  16. I saw this perfume in Sava Cantar Belgrade/Serbia

  17. I saw your posting for the rose isaphan that you dont use.I would really like to buy it.Been looking for this since 2007 when I ran out.This is truly the best perfume and I am really disapointed that it is discontinued.

  18. I wolud like to know how to reach Sonja to purchase bottle

  19. Hello Donna! My email address is sonja.westerholm@hotmail.com. Lets talk more per mail instead of here. :)

  20. Perhaps we should all write or call Yves Rocher to tell them we'd like them to re-introduce this scent. I'd written to them in the past, and was told that at this time they had no plans to bring it back.

    However, if a LOT of people beg....

  21. want to buy the parfum that you have.
    I took your mail adress I want to contact you.

  22. I LOVE this perfume, i have a small sample size from yves rocher. Although its been discontinued, ive heard its a common thing for yves to do and to reintroduce it after a few years under a different name. i recommend checking their site and just pay attention to the ingredients

    Chell K
  23. Desperate for Rose Ispahan - got it as part of a mini-set.
    Anyone had any luck where to get it? Please keep me informed.

    sylvia r.
  24. Has ANYONE found out where you can purchase this anywhere in the world I also love this perfume plus I also love Ispahan ( in the dark blue urn shaped bottle ) which I have been unable to buy for years c'mon Yves Rocher what are you playing at you could sell both of these perfumes 1,000,000 times over so why did you discontinue them!the only other perfume that I currently use comes anywhere near to these two perfumes for staying power is PRADA but it is a poor second compared to these two if I could get my hands on Ispahan and rose Ispahan I would buy several bottles of each can ANYONE Help?

  25. If anyone still cares, I'm selling a bottle on ebay.
    The auction ends on march 18. 2011.

    Good luck!


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