25th Anniversary of Tova Signature Fragrance {Perfume News}

Tova Borgnine is fêting the 25th anniversary of her most famous fragrance Tova Signature, which is a scent all about "clean sensuality", with a new website filled with historical archival material. Since its introduction, reportedly more than 10 millions flacons have been sold. The perfume has been nominated for the 2008 Fifi Awards Hall of Fame...

Tova fragrances are distributed through the TV marketing channel QVC.

The website currently lists a series of complaints from customers who have noticed that the perfume is not as rich as in the past. A new user seemed happier.

You can visit Tova25.com 

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  1. I started wearing Tova’s Signature fragrance over 15 years ago. It was my “signature scent”–that is until QVC took over/bought out Tova’s company and ruined this fragrance. It is a shame that they are ruining her reputation and name by selling this imposter fragrance on their site. I have written to QVC and Tova Borgnine to ask them to bring back the original formulation of this once lovely fragrance, but to no avail, no such change has been made. QVC is losing its Tova customers (and $$$) because women are no longer buying this fragrance as they once did because of the change in formulation. And no this is NOT an April Fool’s Joke–this is the truth.

  2. I smelled it recently and I was shocked to think that it has been proposed for a hall-of-fame award! Today, it is just a bottle full of Galaxolide, a commonplace re-created musk.

    The Tova Nights is better.

  3. I have worn Tova for 18 years, but no more. This new formulation is NOT the original scent, nor does it have any lasting power. How can they nominate it to be in the Hall of Fame? It is not the same perfume that won the FIFI award.

  4. Marie-Helene, I would have been much happier with the bottle of Galaxolide. It smells like Raid to me.

  5. Ah, I need to check this reference :)

  6. I wore nothing but TOVA Signature for over 15 years. Once QVC bought the company it has changed the formulation. The original TOVA would last all day long and I could still smell it on my clothes when I entered my closet. The new formula does not have the same glorious scent nor does it stay on for more than 15 minutes! Who thought changing this classic scent was a good idea? Oh wait, cha-ching, the accountants at QVC cashing in?

  7. I wished I could smell the old version to compare.

    Meanwhile, although I experienced the scent as lasting longer than you, I thought that it was an extremely simple and cheap-smelling one mostly based on synthetic-smelling musk.

    I read somewhere that the coffret offers a better version of the scent (?)

  8. Everyone is correct. QVC did change the formula. I have a friend that works for Tova's husband and she did comfirm that the formula has been changed and contains synthetic ingredients that are not as long lasting or concentrated.

  9. I noticed a while ago that Tova does not smell the same, I don't get the compliments I used to get and it does not last as long. Some moron at QVC is making stupid mistakes that will cost them in the long run...I don't buy much from them anymore

  10. ive been using tova for 8 years already,and yes i ve noticed that tova's scent doesnt last long anymore compared before, i thought its because the perfume i bought recently was an old stock already.i even asked the vendor if its an old stock. thanks for the information. is there any way that they could bring back its old long lasting scent?

  11. What a shame....anything to save an almighty dollar, even if it means tricking customers & having them spend their hard earned $$$ for something which has been cheapened down to a simple bottle of H20. At least have the descency to say "New and Improved". But QVC would be too smart for that because when u see that on a product, the red flag goes up and u know to save your money...which is what everyone should do.

  12. Amen to all of the other comments. This is so true. I thought it was me. I noticed that about 7 minutes after I sprayed it on it was gone. I no longer get all compliments about how good I smell, especially from men. To know you smell great is one thing, but when others notice you it's another. I really miss the scent left behind on all of my clothes. Please bring back my TOVA NIGHTS!

    Dana Bly
  13. I just want to buy more Tova Signature and QVC doesn't have anymore. Where can I get it now? I need HELP..... That's all I wear. Yes it has changed shame on them, They need to fix it right again. Tova should step up to the plate it still has her name on it. All I know is I want it. Bev in NJ

  14. TOVA, herself, lost control of her fragrance... she sold her soul to the devil QVC... i have not heard one good thing about this new tova... if there is an award for this horrible imposter-- then QVC is 'buying' the award!!! then they can say they 'won' an award...

    myra dotson
  15. I have been a TOVA user for over 12+ years -- that was the only scent I would wear -- but no more.........please bring the Original TOVA back to your loyal customers!!!


  17. I remember the first time a caught a whiff of Tova and it has stayed with me for 20+ years! I was so excited when I could get my own bottle and it always made a lasting impression on everyone I came into contact with, but not any more! Now I will be looking for a new lasting impression as the "new" Tova has left me flat.

  18. I bought the original tova and everyone commented how beautiful the smell was. when i ran out i sent for some more. no one has even noticed im wearing perfume and i have no comments i am so disappointed with the smell. please bring back the original.

    k edwards
  19. I thought is was just me that thought Tova's signature fragrance was different! I used to get so many compliments, especially from men when I wore Tova. I am so disappointed that QVC ruined Tova. Until they change the fragrance to it's former self, I will NEVER buy it again!

  20. Thanks to all of you on this forum, I did not waste money buying Tova Signature! I used to wear it daily, adoring how I smelled. So did everyone around me. When my Tova spray bottle went dry I couldn't afford to buy another, so I went perfumeless for well over a year. I've missed my old Tova, so when Mom asked me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday, I eagerly replied 'Tova Signature'. Well, I'll have to think of another wish list item, because if Tova no longer smells like the original formula, I choose to remain fragrance free.

    Liz K.
    • I am amazed, in a good way, by people's fidelity to Tova Signature!

      I'd suggest two alternatives 1) Comptoir Sud Pacifique Cristal de Musc 2) Pierre Montale White Musk (the latter is pricier).

      Chant Wagner
  21. Let me add my outrage to this saga. I too was a long time user of Tova Signature. I used to have automatic shipments sent every few months. The last shipment I received (a very long time ago) just seemed off. I cancelled my auto shipment and then received a notice from QVC that there had been some problem with a particular batch and that upon request, customers could have the bottle replaced if they wanted. I didn't take them up on the offer but never ordered again. When I started missing the fragrance and decided to order, I went to the QVC site, noticed the negative rating and decided to read the comments. What a shock! Needless to say, I didn't order. I have continued to follow the saga of the Tova line. I am saddened that despite loyal customers (like myself), who would have paid just about any amount for Tova, were dupped by QVC for a buck. Quality and Value my you know what! I have given up on not only Tova but QVC. Does anyone know if Tova appears on QVC anymore to sell the Tova line? That would be interesting. Whatever she received for selling to QVC, I hope she is enjoying. She certainly sold out her customers and fans for not getting a promise from QVC to keep the fomula as is.

  22. I totally agree, Tova has abandoned many long time fans. QVC has never provided a straight answer about changes to Tova's formulation. I switched to Amazing Grace (got it as a gif), but I will not purchase that from QVC. I no longer have confidence in QVC. The honchos are too cavalier about their customers. Well, we made QVC and we can take our money to other shopping channels and tell QVC they have lost our business.

  23. Yes Tova does appear on QVC and I did buy my 1st and only bottle of Tova Signature after all these comments. I guess I didn't know what I was missing until now. The perfume is too expensive to pay for something that isn't real. I am very disappointed and I did think it was Me in that the frgrance didn't last. Now I know why. I guess I will have to look for something else that smells as nice and lasts. Does anyone have any ideas?

  24. 25 years ago, I bought one of the very first bottles of Tova Signature from her offices in Beverly Hills in never used anything else after that. It was odd at first, but then became routine that strangers both men and women would comment on it everywhere I went "Who/what smells so great in here?" as all eyes turned. And then the scent was obviously changed a couple of years ago. It's not that it doesn't last. It's that whatever chemicals are going under that label now just smell awful..almost sickening.

    I'm very interested to know what Tova Signature fans are replacing it with. Looking forward to some ideas!

  25. I am so shocked reading your comments ... Tova signature now QVC ist selling in Germany. This way I got my very first bottle of it only this week. At now all ist sold out an custumers have to way until the end of November when Tova will return to TV in Germany.

    A I do not know the "original" you describe here - I must say - I like it very much and - it smells (sorry for my English) longer than 24 hours on my skin as well as in my clothes and bed. Believe me please. Now I am afraid - that this probably is only a trick by QVC to cash new customers to by more ... I really would like to test Nova night now. (Else I prefer Chanel no.5, Lolita Lempicka = French parfume ... and such kind of perfumes ...). God bless you. Lets see what will happen here with Tova perfumes in the future ... (usually I do not by any cosmetics in TV but like to check in the shops, but our shops here do not have any similar cosmetics ...I life in East Germany the rather DDR.)

  26. Wow! I thought it was me, but all the comments are correct. The TOVA signature fragrance is terrible. I will not buy it anymore. It doesn't have that fabulous clean sensual scent and I never get commpliments on it anymore. Too bad, I was using it for years & was about to buy a boatload for friends. QVC, what are you doing?

    Mary Ann
  27. Hello!
    I was introduced to Tova by a friend.
    she wouldnt tell me at first what she had on, but after a while she justhad to (I made her) - well anyway... she gave me a bottle, and, this isnt a joke, everywhere i went i was complimented on how sexy i smell. I just wanted to kiss myself. When i ordered the latest one from QVC, I wanted to just go to them and bitch slapp the shit outa them. I smell like shit now! Does anybody know anyway possible that i can reach Miss Tova Herself. I want to email her about this issue, see what she cud say
    PLEASE if u know anyway i can reach her, her assistant, her company, anyone but QVC - please email me right away
    please doo - ryansaghian@yahoo.com

  28. i agree totally with the above postings,i loved the orginal tova perfume and wore it for years!!please let me know what your wearing if anything that compares!!

    dedra case
  29. I wore Tova Signature for years, it was the only scent I wore. Ten years ago, I was out and I stopped someone because I had to know what she was wearing. And, I think I fogot the name, and years later ran into another girl and finally I got the name. It was the kind of perfume that could of been anyones everday perfume for the rest of their lives.
    In 2005, I had ordered 5 of them to give them out as gifts. I ended up having left over, and noticed the immediate disgusting smell. It was a very strong smell and no one even noticed i was wearing perfume. People used to stop me because it smelled so damn good! It smelled amazing on my clothes!! I loved the way it smelled!! That was my signature scent. I had a very similar review to someone above, that I thought the perfume must of been old.
    I think I ordered it on three different occassions and I thought that maybe it just didn't smell good on me anymore!! Or maybe, my smells were off... But, I could tell you one thing it is really hard on trying to find a new scent. I like Laura Mercier vanilla musk, bob mackey perhaps, stella mcartney sheer... and someone mentioned amazing grace that stuff smells good!! But nothing so far compares to Tova...
    Tova was unique, smelled good, and had the right combo of that vanilla musk that I love so much! I doubt they are going to bring it back, especially that this new pefume can give off the same scent, may not smell the same to us but it gives a similar scent off and if QVC can get away with a replica and still get paid, they will never switch back.

  30. yes i agree i to loved Tova Signatue, i have gone onto Mind body & Sprite. it lasts allday,i have had lovley comments from men out of the blue. i love it love it , i have just given to a friends daughter for her b/day , she to adores it.

  31. i just ordered tovas new fragrance ambre doro, i sure hope i'm not dissapointed.

    carol bost
  32. hi marie-helen
    i was new to tova, and i really liked it, the scent really blend well with the chemistry my body gave off with it.
    i read in a comment that u said sud pacifique musk was a good compare, but that was discontinued, and i dnt like buying things online anymore since this tova incident.
    can u give me a good replacement?
    something very clean and nice
    just like tova was
    please! please! please!

    Ryan Saghian
  33. tova beverey hills, beauty supply store 87.00 original tova and worth it to get the original back with tax and shipping 93.00

  34. This is for carolyn who commented on november 27 2008
    what beauty supply store has it for 87 dollars??

    Ryan Saghian
  35. This is for Ryan 11-17,2008 and Carolyn I'd like the info on tova beverly hills beauty supply store also for the original Tova

  36. I have used Tova Beverly Hills for years. The thing is, I've had it so long because I do use other perfume that now probaly more than 10 years later I'm almost out. I went on line to buy it and noticed right away that the bottle is not the same. Thinking maybe that all these years went by it's just an update in the look. Now reading these posts, I'm scared to buy another bottle anywhere. I don't know what to do. I use Kenzo alot which smells very similar to Tova but the same thing, I bought it so long ago, I noticed that bottle has changed it look too. I can said although I only have a little left in each bottle, I will have to hold onto these bottles and the smell of them. They smell just as good today as they did over 10years ago when I bought them. It's ashame that they would change the scent of Tova. I too received and still receive a huge amount of compliments when I wear it. It's an amazing smell and if Tova ever goes on line to read these reviews, she should take charge again and fix this mess. Obviously no one is happy anymore with the smell and those of us who are thinking of buying it again without knowing the smell has changed are now afraid too.

  37. You can buy Comptoir Sud Pacifique Cristal De Musc at amazon.

    To me it smells fresh and nice but not at all the same as original Tova... has anyone tried this Sud ( there are many flavors....be alert).What has been the response from friends? I just can't tell how it comes across.

    Or any other replacement ideas?

    Thanks and happy new year

    • I personally still need to smell the original Tova. The new Reserve is supposed to be very close to the Original. What I had an opportunity to test was the reformulated original Tova.

      I am very curious about the original scent I have to say as people are literally swooning over it.

      Chant Wagner
  38. I need to smell sud pacifique before i purchase it. Do you know any stores that carry it?

    Ryan Saghian
  39. I have a little left of the original.

    Found more TOVA info here


  40. Is there a way for us to find out why the original TOVA scent has been discountinued? I agree with all the previous comments, the scent is NOT the same, I was very disappointed.

    • Did you try to procure the Tova Reserve? It is supposed to smell closer to the original.

      If you do, please report back.

      Chant Wagner
  41. hi
    I agreed that the old tova smells so much better. (softer and sweeter ) as i still have both bottles ( new ones and old ones )
    plse bring back the old signature tova

  42. hello
    so i have the original, the new, and the reserve. if you have ever smelled china musk by terra nova, thats pretty much the same as the reserve. the reserve is a little bit more oriental, sweet, and musky. the reserve is not AS strong but very nice. its about 90% close to the original. The new Tova just is not the same. when you smell it you recognize that it has the tova ingrediants but has totally been cheapened. it has lost all the sweet notes makeing it smell very crude, very much like an ointment. now the original i have still. a friend of ours has a perfume shop and he had a few of the originals and me and a friend of mine bought them. if you know any beauty shops around your area, many of them have products by terra nova. the oil, china musk by terra nova, is great. its very very small but very close to the original tova. its about 95% close to tova, just is a slight 4% less sweet. i have never smelled the sud pacifique products, but i read that the cristal de musk is close. but if you really can, go on ebay, or try the reserve. the reserve is really worth a shot, the only problem is that it is a splasher not a spray so it wont smell as strong. i actually live in beverly hills, tova's home town and a few friends of mine have seen her a lot of times around the streets. if i see her i will confront her about this.oh and btw the gap musk is very very nice and clean just like tova, but you can only purchase it online.
    hope they bring back the original

    Ryan Saghian
    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the input. I am hoping to finally be able to test the Reserve. A first bottle was delivered but apparently there can be a technical problem with the cap and the bottle leaked entirely in its package. QVC is sending another one.

      I used to like Gap Musk; it's soft and well-balanced as far as simple musk scents go.

      Will report back.

      Chant Wagner
  43. I'm waiting till they bring back the original if they ever do. I've been wearing Egyptian Goddess oil by Auric Blends. It's very inexpensive - can get it at Whole Foods or Longs. It smells amazing and lasts on coats or sweaters for weeks.
    I used to be asked what I was wearing all the time with Tova, but not any more. People always ask what I'm wearing when I have my Egyptian Goddess on. It's really really lovely, and as I said, it lasts and lasts since it's a roll on oil.

  44. Hello, I have been using TOVA for 6 years, and I bought the new Tova i was told it the same just different battle well that is not all.... it is not the same. I want the old one we should do something about it,because I can't wear other perfume but Tova. I am so in love with it.Please Help!!!!

    • Did you try the Reserve? I have that and I need to retry it but it smelled wonderful wafting back towards me the other day.

      Chant Wagner
  45. I too have loved the orignal Tova signature. The new perfume is terrible. I would love if they brought the old perfume back. How is Tova allowing this to happen.Qvc should be ashamed.

    maria zuckerman
  46. I too have loved the orignal Tova signature. The new perfume is terrible. I would love if they brought the old perfume back. How is Tova allowing this to happen.Qvc should be ashamed.

    maria zuckerman
  47. Unbelievable! Like many others, I thought it was me. Maybe the way I stored it (although it's been the same for 13 years), the summer heat, or just my nose. None of the above. A QVC customer service rep told me that currently there wasn't any TOVA signature perfume in stock. A good sign? Who knows. Maybe if everyone writes a review on QVC's TOVA site, those responsible for these insulting changes will realize that cutting corners doesn't always pay! BRING OUR TOVA BACK!!

  48. With this many costomer complaints TOVA should listen. I've been wearing TOVA for 10-11 years, I think I'm finally going to give up--it is not the same which is very disappointing.


    • You know, I think that the Reserve is pretty good. I need to focus on a review of it to see if it resists a more attentive appraisal, but as it is, it made a good impression on me as a white musk fragrance. Hope they keep that version.

      Chant Wagner
  49. I too have been a devoted Tova wearer for more than 20 years. I WILL NOT purchase any more of her products. I wonder if QVC and TOVA think such devoted fans like us are so stupid as to think that this "imposter" cologne will do. TOVA had a great thing going - I have yet to find a perfume that I like and I have been looking for quite some time now. We all should stop buying her perfume. TOVA is just one of those wonderful scents that will have to be in our memories for I think it is gone forever. Very very sad......

  50. I thought it was just me - I have worn Tova for quite a few years and always had compliments. The new bottle I got from QVC isn't the same - doesn't smell the same and doesn't last. I thought maybe I had just gotten used to the smell but I see I'm not alone - really too bad it was a great fragrance - how can we get the old fragrance back?

    Penny Wilkes




  52. Wow, I've been a devoted fan of Tova since maybe 1983 when I got a sample of it in a goody bag at a gala event. Used to get compliments on this from men and women. It doesn't hit you over the head like a lot of other perfumes.
    I bought a bottle of this and have been saving it, waiting until my other perfume runs out, looking forward to opening it and reacquainting myself with the lovely scent. I guess now I know I'm in for a huge disappointment. If anyone wants a replacement, Bobbi Brown's "Bath" is nice, although not as sweet or soft as the original Tova.

  53. Well talk about a disappointment. Wearing this new Tova Signature is just like spraying on water - what smell there is lasts no time at all. Will definitely not be reordering this one. Tova needs to seriously sort this out with QVC - all bad feeling won't just go away.

  54. I too am sadden by the loss of the "old" TOVA Signature. I know a bunch of mentioned disliking the Reserve but what about the Tova Signature Platinum that they have out now? Reviews seem a little better, but probably we're all just grasping at straws, I'm guess it could be a step in the right direction yet far from the "original".
    Would love to hear if anyone has any updated reviews OR updated suggestions for replacements. I'm scentless... :(

  55. Come on Tova Borgnine, Please bring back the original tova singature perfume. the smell of the perfume is so clean and u have millions of women using it and have us all hooked. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD TOVA SINATURE..THANK YOU, LOIE

  56. Only QVC has the power to return Tova Signature to its original scent and trust me, they will not if they haven't done so by now. Tova used very expensive ingredients/oils from other countries and QVC is too cheap to continue with the same ingredients. Instead, they lie and say it hasn't changed, despite all the negative reviews. It is an insult to all their customers. And as for Tova, I don't have any respect for her as she appears on QVC endorsing this new cheap, ripoff of Tova Signature (the signature she created). Unbelievable....

  57. I encountered TOVA over 30 years ago and have never forgotten it. I don't buy myself perfum, just accept it as gifts. Now my children have grown & I want to buy the scent for myself that I remember from all those years ago. It saddens me to read everywhere that apparently her new fragrances aren't up to the original standard. I hesitate to spend the money on an inferior product, but would NOT HESITATE to spend more on her orginal. Please go for it, the world is wanting and waiting for it.

  58. Shame on Tova for selling out to QVC. You had an awesome fragrance but now it's just toilet water. Shame on QVC for cheapening a good product in the name of the almighty dollar. You'll soon be as cheap as WALMART. I've hunted everywhere for the original scent but to no avail. Everything out there is just a cheap knock off. I guess all good things must come to an end. I'm sorry Tova and QVC has let their customers down.

  59. Can you say "FRAUD"
    I too am so disappointed
    in Tova continuing to support QVC with her products. I thought she had more class than this and more
    respect for all of her loyal

  60. I have been using Tova since 1989 and I always received the best complements. I agree with all of you that Tova sold her sole to the devil. I have been on a mission to try to find the original Tova. I bought 2 bottles on ebay for 97.00 with out the box. Watch out girls....it wasn't the same tova and under the bottle had a white label that has never been on the old Tova. So right now all we can do is hope that QVC receives more complaints and they will bring it back.

    Prudy Ferrone
  61. Does anyone know of any way we can find the original formula TOVA?? I miss it, and can't find anything half as wonderful. I've returned several bottles to QVC, complaining that it's not the same --- they refund my $$$ but make no apologies. Is there any other perfume that is similar?? HELP!!??

  62. I also just purchased the Tova perfume and immediatley noticed that it was not the same....I was soooooooo disappointed....I am sending it back ASAP......Bring back the old formula.

    stephanie in Oklahoma
    • stephanie in Oklahoma,

      Obviously, this thread has turned into a memorial to Tova Signature for many!

      Chant Wagner
  63. I have used Tova for 20 years and used to order it by phone, no problem. Now I don't know where to order it. I used to pay $55 for the original perfume. Can someone help me?

    sandy brooks
  64. after using tova signatue for about 15 years i am heart broken that it is no longer the same. qvc has made a terrible mistake with this unforgettable scent. loyal users know the difference at once. tova has become a huge sellout and i will never order from her line again. i have already sent back two of my very dissappointing orders.

    grace lazo
  65. I too am so upset about the new Tova it is awful,I have used only that for years and years,people would stop me at the grocery store and ask what I was wearing!!!I can't find another perfume that I like,but I cannot and will not be using this again unless they go back to the original sent.I really went on line hoping to hear that maybe it had changed back!!!

    Very disapointed ex customer Carolyn

    Carolyn M Evans
  66. I agree with every posting bashing QVC & Tova. The new fragrance in the new bottle does not have the old scent that lasted for hours. No longer do I hear people telling me how they love the scent. No longer does that scent last on my clothes. I cannot even purchase the original signature scent they are always out of any thing I want. QVC doesn't even have the perfumed body lotion available in a large bottle. They want you to buy a small bottle with other bottles I do not want. So much for choice. That's what is great about this country we have a choice. I do not like being dictated by QVC in what I can purchase. I am the customer I dictate to you what I want and I will pay for what I want or I can go somewhere else.

  67. I agree with every comment that I have read. The Original Tova was wonderful.I too had been wearing this scent only for over 15 years with many many comments each and every time it was worn. I feel like that I have lost an old FRIEND and I WNAT THAT OLD FRIEND SCENT RETURNED TO ME. I can imagine how many complaints has to be written before someone does something about this situation. Why can't whoever knows the formula put a New Perfume out and market it that this is Your Old Friend Original Tova!!!!!!!

  68. Company greed. QVC does not stand for Quality, Value, Convenience! Tova should have gone to another shopping channel. I too am very disappointed. I sent back my Tova Nights and am currently looking for another scent. Honesty is your best policy.

  69. I agree with all the comments. TOVA Signature fragrance is not the same. It's really too bad. A number of years ago, I was standing in line at the post office. A young, male college student standing behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, "You smell better than anyone I've ever smelled in my entire life." You don't get many compliments that sweet. I'd love to be able to wear that fragrance again. Or Au Courant, a fragrance once made by Helena Rubenstein. In that case, not just the fragrance, but the entire company is gone. I'm going to check out the Egyptian Goddess oil.

  70. I could just cry. Tova signature was the best thing since sliced bread. I used to get countless compliments from all walks of life, my daughter and her friends wore it, introduced by me. We all tried ordering the original on ebay and was able to purchase the original, but the reserves are exhausted. I just wish whoever was responsible would have left things the same. As the saying goes "don't fix it if it an't broken.

    patricia daguanno
  71. After reading almost 2 years worth of upset previous TOVA customers complaints and still absolutely nothing has been addressed either publicly or privately, TOVA does not care whether we are unhappy, dissatisfied, or disappointed. The scent will never return and of course none of us will either. I hope you all are also voicing your opinion to QVC.

    Sharon Denitto
  72. QVC-Shame on you! And Tova, why did you let go of control of your signature fragrance? Ridiculous. Well, I too have now changed to AMazing Grace and no longer buy Tova products. Is anyone listening to our outrage?

  73. I agree with the Mass majority of other comments. Qvc ruined Tova original! They have lost thousands of Tova customers. If they had any sense they'd put things back the way they were. It was an excellent fragrance. One of a kind. Lasted all day and stayed in the room even when you left. Now it's just like any other fragrance.

    Shelly Burgener
  74. Shame, shame on QVC for changing TOVA Original Signature fragrance. I wore it for many years, do not hear "you sure do smell good' very often anymore. Have not found anything to replace it. I think Tova mad a big mistake and is loosing lots of sales.

    IT IS TOVA! Just in another BOTTLE!

  76. So what is this other amazing, identical smelling perfume????? We want to be happy too ;-)

    Please do tell!!!

  77. I wore Tova for years. I received dozens upon dozens of compliments on my scent. My office became perfume free so when my signature scent was empty I held off reordering. Recently, my position was outsourced and I lost my job. Money was tight but I decided or use the last of my disposable income to order 2 bottles of Tova. When it came I opened it immediately and gave myself a spray. I started to cough and gag. It smelled of strong licorice and alcohol. I immediately showered to remove the smell. While Tova probably can't do anything about it since she no longer owns the line...QVC should do everything in their power to bring back the original scent. Obviously, Tova fans would gladly pay the extra amount for the original formulation.

  78. Ryan - Yes, please please please tell us the name of this perfume that "IS TOVA! Just in another BOTTLE!" I have missed wearing Tova for almost a year now. Any info you can provide would be truly appreciated. Thanks.

  79. To Jean- Jan. 10,2011,

    What is the name of the perfume that smells like TOVA and where do you buy it? Thank-you.

  80. OK!!! Found a perfume that smells almost EXACTLY like TOVA original!!! I read on another blog about a company called Beyond Scents and their signature fragrance CHINA MUSK. I just received mine and I could not believe it when I got to the mail box and opened the door I said OMG it's TOVA! It smells exactly like it to me. I swear the chemist that worked on original Tova, must work for Beyond Scents, ha!!! I think I paid $14 and I'm getting ready to order 2 more for family members. I promise you won't be disappointed. Just search for Beyond Scents they have a great website and it says on the front page that China Musk is known to smell like Tova and it DOES!!!

    Hope this helps original TOVA lovers!


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