Chantelle Eau de Désir, Eau Sensuelle, Eau Elégante, & Eau Libre (2008) {New Fragrances}


Parisian lingerie brand Chantelle, which was established as far back as the 19th century in 1876, have introduced for the first time a collection of four fragrances together with a range of beauty products (more details about those in a separate post) to create four new rituals of beauty. The four perfumes are:  Eau de Désir,  Eau Sensuelle,  Eau  Elégante, and  Eau Libre. The eaux de toilette were created by perfumer Delphine Thierry. To each perfume and range of body products corresponds a different color-coded universe of seduction. Women can either sample quickly the products by sliding open the Cosmetic Bar found in the Chantelle boutiques or head to the Beauty Room to test them more at leisure together with an advisor.

Eau de Désir is symbolized by red and announces an universe of "daring seduction". The perfume is described as a gourmand and sensual fragrance. Top notes are fruity with notes of yellow plum (mirabelle) and mandarine followed by a tender core including notes of chocolate, incense, rose, benzoin, and cumin. Base notes are amber, patchouli, cedar, and a soft vanilla....

A 1958 ad for Chantelle by Frank Horvat

Eau Sensuelle is all the way pink and its spirit is that of a soft boudoir and cocooning. It points to an universe of "radiant seduction".

Top notes are citron (cédrat), bergamote leading to a heart of almond, frangipani, cassia flower, heliotrope trailing off on a base of white musk, sandalwood, cashmere wood, and Tonka bean. 

Eau Elégante belongs to a burgundy-colored universe signaling the idea of the "eternal feminine" and is a violet perfume. Top notes are aldehydic begamote, lemon resting on a heart of violet, jasmine, almond blossom, carnation, and wallflower. Base notes are iris, vanilla, and musk. Its beauty products focus on the concept of skin nourishment and hydration (the products are very varied, creative, and different in each color-coded universe - they are not mere ancillary products for the perfume.)

Eau Libre is part of the yellow-coded universe and centers on the goal of "tonic vitality". It is an energizing collection making use of Brazilian cherry (energizing) and a mineral extract, that of malachite.  

The perfume is a "feminine aromatic cologne". Its top notes are mandarin, bergamote, star aniseed, verbena prolonging itself into a heart of tomato leaves, neroli, honeysuckle, hyacinth, mint and deepening into base notes of vetiver, moss, cedar, and musk.

Each perfume retails for 40 €. 

(Source: press release) 

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  1. There is something fascinating about the idea that perfume has to be MORE than perfume. As if the art of the fragrance is not enough. It's one thing to make furniture polish smell perfumey, but another to make perfume smell like skin polish. Some of these are very interesting combinations. Heliotrope, frangipani and almond could be quite, well, sensual. I'm scared of musk (it isn't sexy on me, it's just rank), but a mix of tomato leaf, honeysuckle, mint and neroli has me running across a field in anticipation!

  2. thanks for the great information.. i love your site..

  3. I received a gift of Chantelle-Eau de Toilette and just love it. I have switched from Cartier to Chantelle but cannot find a store that sells the Eau de Desir. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    Thank you for any help that you may be able to give.

  4. I would like to buy all (4) of these. How do I do that? Please help!!! I love them. And I live in Atlanta. Who has it?

  5. Hi,i´m a spanish girl, my brother-in-law gave a eau désir by chantelle, and i love it!, but i can´t find a site where i can buy it,i only meet in laredoute but they didn´t send it to Spain, can you help please! thanks!

    Raquel Ortego

    • I'd try locating a Chantelle boutique in Spain. They also sell at El Corte Ingles per their website.

      Chant Wagner
  6. I would like to purchase all (4) of these. Where do I find them? please call me....678-858-1151. Please!!! I recieve a sample and love them. Cyd


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