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In an original move, Downy have decided to partner with Gen Art to ask three emerging fashion designer talents to create clothes that will be inspired by the scents of the three new Downy fabric softeners in the Simple Pleasures Radiance Collection. This initiative inscribes itself in a movement that aims at developing the interactive arm of marketing. Consumers will be able to chime in with their ideas on the Mood Board.

Perfumes in the Downy line are said to have been developed by the perfumers who created fragrances for Valentino, Escada, and Lacoste, which is also an interesting way to develop perfume-culture awareness and make consumers be more conscious about the skills that go into designing home fragrances, including laundry detergents or softeners...

Lara Miller will work with Amethyst Mist, Jerry Tam with Turquoise Frost, and Khary Septh with Pink Opal.

According to PR Newswire, 

"For years, fashion has inspired fragrance," said style expert Jacqui
Stafford. "Perfumers and experts suggest that fragrance has been linked to
fashion as far back as the 18th Century. Now, driven by the inspiration of
the new Downy Simple Pleasures Radiance Collection, three designers will
give us a glimpse at how the fragrances of the new Collection are inspiring
their creative minds to craft beautiful pieces of clothing.
"Downy has hand picked three emerging designers Lara Miller of "Lara
Miller Ltd.", Khary Septh of "gayle met glenn", and Jerry Miller of "FORM",
each with unique styles and inspirations that will bring "radiance" to
life. They have been armed with the task of creating three pieces that are
inspired by Downy's new line of liquid fabric softeners, Downy Simple
Pleasures Radiance Collection.

"Since Downy has been at the forefront of transforming fabrics for
almost 50 years, this partnership shows the brand is taking an important
step into moving us into the world of fashion," said Mary Pochobradsky,
Marketing Director, North America Downy. "Now, consumers can play a part in
discovering how fragrance inspires fashion as Lara, Jerry and Khary usher
us into their world of how the fragrances of the Downy Simple Pleasures
Radiance Collection inspire their creative minds to craft pieces of
clothing that visibly bring the new product to life."

Beginning February 19, 2008, consumers will be able to take part in the
designers' online journeys to each create three pieces inspired by The
Radiance Collection. Consumers can log on to to
join the journey by creating their own mood boards, a visual collage that
represents their moods and thoughts, that will ultimately aid Lara, Khary
and Jerry in creating lines of clothing inspired by the three scents of the
new Collection: Amethyst Mist, Turquoise Frost and Pink Opal.

After the six week design phase, the three finished lines will be
unveiled on, where consumers have until April 14,
2008 to log on and vote for their favorite designer. After the voting phase
is complete, the winning designer will choose the mood board that best
inspired them. The consumer that created the mood board of the winning
designer will be announced on May 19, 2008 and will win a trip for two to
attend the 2009 People's Choice Awards, where the winning design will be
showcased on the red carpet.

From the same perfumers that brought to life the scents of brands
including Valentino, Escada, and Lacoste, comes the new Downy Simple
Pleasures Radiance Collection, a new line of fabric enhancers that offers
luxurious smelling fragrances for your fabrics. Launching in February, the
new Collection also features Perfume Micro Capsule (PMC) scent technology
that deposits microscopic capsules of perfume onto fabrics during the rinse
cycle which rest in your fabrics when washing is completed. These aromatic
perfumes are released with friction throughout wear, creating a burst of

To learn more about the new Downy Simple Pleasures Radiance Collection
and Downy's collaboration with Lara Miller, Khary Septh and Jerry Tam,
please visit

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