Cynthia Rowley & Avon Flower, Petal (2008) for Mother's Day {New Perfumes}


Since Arpège, which was the gift of love from Jeanne Lanvin to her daughter Marie-Blanche on her 30th birthday, the idea of expressing mother-and-daughter love in perfumes has taken some root if not predominance. It was also expressed more recently in a duo of fragrances by Clarins, Par Amour and Par Amour Toujours. Bulgari had opted to affirm maternal love towards children of both sexes with Mamans et Petits.

Now Cynthia Rowley will launch, in partnership with Avon, another mother-daughter duet with Flower (mother) and Petal (daughter). They can be layered or worn independently.

The packaging is adorable, very Paris-Apartment and shabby chic. Both perfumes were composed by Richard Herpin and Frank Völkl....

According to the Avon website, Flower is

"A true extension of the whimsical world of Cynthia’s fashions, Flower is flirty, feminine and playful. Every note of this fragrance was hand-picked by Cynthia herself.

Playful florals are surrounded by warm woods and musks.

The notes include: Casablanca Lily, Freesia, Cashmere Woods, Warm Vanilla, Skin Musk, Velvet Woods and Sandalwood.

Regarding Petal,

"To create Petal, Cynthia took the essence of Flower and gave it a lighter sensibility.

Petal is an extension of Flower, similar to the bond that extends between mothers and daughters.

Its innocent, playful floral green fragrance captures a freshly picked Lily of the Valley."

From the mouths of the perfumers,

"Flower is a flirtatious, woody spice featuring a very wearable lily fragrance combined with citrus, violet leaves, freesia. The result is a fragrance that is both sophisticated and playful – much like Cynthia herself. When creating Petal, we wanted to pull a note from the mother fragrance and create a lighter, more innocent fragrance. Both Cynthia and her daughter loved Lily of the Valley. It was the perfect note to be the centerpiece of the fragrance.* (Courtesy of Firmenich)

Flower, the mother's scent, from which the petal is plucked will retail 1.7 oz. for $30 and as a GWP, you will get a colorful Cynthia Rowley umbrella. Petal will retail 1 oz. for $15.

You can read our reviews of the perfumes Part 1 and Part 2 

(Sources: WWD, Avon

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  1. I have purchased both of the Avon fragrances by Cynthia Rowley - Flower and Petal. The first thing that struck me with both fragrances is the unusual and rather stylish bottles. Love the colours of them & think they are both very feminine and look great on a dressing table/bathroom shelf. More importantly I find the fragrances are beautiful - extremely fresh, flowery, a pleasure to wear and I also find them both very feminine. I wear even the Petal one myself - even though it is supposed to be for children - too good to miss :O)

    Julie Banks
  2. Thank you! What a great site. There is some amazing information here.

  3. the WHITE one. (:


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