Guess by Marciano (2008) {New Fragrance}

Apparel brand Guess which has now been renamed Guess By Marciano in the year of its 27th anniversary is preparing to introduce a new women's fragrance in March of 2008 called Guess by Marciano Eau de Parfum....

The perfume is succintly described on their website as one with "a strong, powder base with subtle floral notes". According to Cosmetic World, it was developed by Parlux Fragrances, Inc. and created by perfumer Barbara Zoebelein of Drom Fragrances.

Guess By Marciano was interested this time in coming up with a more sophisticated and upscale perfume than with Guess and Guess Gold, a move which is also reflected in the redesigns of the Guess boutiques. The perfumer composed a "sparkling, spicy floral" according to Cosmetic World which opens on top notes of star fruit (it is an uncommon tropical note that is done evocatively in Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao), grapefruit, Curacao orange, and cardamom. The heart features notes of peony, pink honeysuckle, and crystal jasmine. The base has notes of raw wood, vanilla, dulce de leche and musk.

The bottle sports a fishnet motif that was re-popularized last year and is meant to suggest vintage leg wear. The vine motif will be distributed as a temporary tattoo in the Guess boutiques when the perfume launches.

Line includes: 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz eaux de parfum for $49 and $65 respectively, a 6 oz. body lotion for $30 and 5 oz. body butter for $35.

Countries: North America, Europe, Asia 

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  1. I'm wondering if this is a new scent or just the sent from the old "twist" bottle in a new package. I desperately want the scent from the twist bottle, but can't find it.......

  2. I love this perfume its so good its heavy enough but not over powering I always get compliments on it a beautiful scent.

  3. My husband brought a gift package of this home to me last night. My first thought when I smelled it on my wrist was "whoa, that is so disgustingly strong! Why would he buy this, I have never bought anything that smelled like that!" It was so heavy and sweet smelling. I looked at him and said "Thank you! I really like it!" Well, I couldn't hurt his feelings! He was looking at me and said "I thought it smelled so good!" I thought, well if he likes it, then I can just wear it to bed for him! Now that I have said my original thoughts about it, I continued to sniff the fragrance every few minutes and about 15 minutes later, the scent changed. It started to become very appealing, very mellow and very, well, sexy. Another 15 minutes later, it smelled really good and I kissed him again and told him that it really was a beautiful scent and I adored it. Bottom line, try it and then give it a chance to develop. It really becomes sexy and mild and different after the initial sweetness wears off, which happens after about 10 minutes.

    • Lori Anne,

      Good point! Although many perfumes nowadays are designed to appeal to customers from the get-go, i.e., as you smell the "top notes", it's a good idea to withhold judgment until you have let it develop. A second application can also make you change your mind.

      Chant Wagner
  4. I love this. If you are a young fresh teen looking for style, then you know what to look for now. ! this is by far the best smelling perfume i have come across in a while. Thank You!
    Guess Who

    Guess Who
  5. I love this scent. As another reviewer said, it is initially sweet/heavy but when the scent develops it is very sexy! It turns warm/woodsy/amber-ish once the top notes go. I also like Ambre' by Baldessarini; it layers well with the Guess but has more lemony notes to it. I get compliments on this combo everywhere I go--a lady stopped me on the street to ask me what I was wearing!

    • Sounds great!

      Chant Wagner
  6. i'm looking forward to buy this it really great smell?better than versace bright crystal??


    • It's different, much more ambery and warm while Versace Bright Crystal is a fresh musky floral with a central peony note. I'd say that you can't really compare them unless you want to change to a deeper perfume.

      Chant Wagner
  7. This is the best perfume ever. My only problem, is that people I do not even know wants to get up close trying to get a sniff.

    • This means the perfume is a hit with your skin and general aura. The ultimate attraction that is perfume was exploited, as we know, in the novel Perfume. While people talk a lot about how scent can trigger memories, there is also the phenomenon that it can be irresistible, literally.

      Chant Wagner

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