Réminiscence DoRé, MiFa in Les Notes Gourmandes (2008) {New Fragrances}


French accessory, jewelry and perfume brand Réminiscence will release two new perfumes on March 21st of 2008 inspired both by music and sweet edible notes. They are titled DoRé and MiFa after the French names used for the musical scale and are the two first installments in a new collection called Les Notes Gourmandes...

DoRé is a heliotrope perfume (heliotrope smells a bit like cherry pie) and MiFa evokes marshmallow, a note that is quite popular in perfumery these days.

Perfumer Jacques Flori created the fragrances together with late owner of the brand Zoé Coste and her daughter Lilla Amaddeo. 

The Eaux de Parfum will retail 90 € for 100 ml. Two other new perfumes are expected to be launched in September of 2008. 

You can read our review of their famous Patchouli perfume. 

(Source: Cosmetic News) 

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