Symrise Defines Luxury Fragrance {Fragrance News}



Symrise have been working on a study of luxury fragrance in the market today. They gathered consumer data and identified some pointers, creating perfumes around certain olfactory codes that they see as major upcoming ones.....

The German company identified 6 main themes:
  1. Rare
  2. Timeless
  3. Less is more
  4. Bold
  5. Premium nature
  6. Innovation
"According to the company’s study, today’s luxury fragrance consumers expect new olfactory sensations, a knowledge of the artist and the ingredients used, quality materials and long-lasting scents. The company identified six themes—rare, timeless, less is more, bold, premium nature and innovation—and asked certain of its perfumers to create fragrances along these lines. The results included new fragrances built around forgotten ingredients like ambrette, a redefinition of classic notes like vetiver or violet, and the more modern, striking chocolate truffle or oak chip creations. “More natural than natural” was a recurring concept—synthetic notes that smell more like olfactory memories than their natural counterparts, a theme that Symrise sees growing in the future."

Symrise plan to reach out to their consumer base in Europe and the US in the coming months to test these propositions and drive inspiration.

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