Henry Cavill Promotes Dunhill London & The Color of His Eyes {Fragrance News} {Scented Images}


'Tis a bit late, but here are some pictures of the dashing Henry Cavill at the launch of the new cologne for men, Dunhill London. We reported previously about the fragrance here.

Interestingly, the blue of the advert and the juice in the bottle matches exactly the color of Cavill's eyes. This is what you call precision work on the perfume and celebrity image synergy....

(Images from wireimage.com - do not download without permission)
Henry Cavill at Selfridges on January 16th 2008
 A close-up on the "Henry-Cavill blue"

If you think back about a precedent of this type of hyper coherent image construction around a scent, I think that the perfume Passion by Elizabeth Taylor would be one. The amethyst color of the bottle and jus did match the color purple of her oh-so-famous violet eyes.

(Images from wireimage.com - do not download without permission) 

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  1. Well, Henry Cavill looks gorgeous, as always, but who here thinks that he has really had a bad start to his career, but now, I have the feeling that all that is going to change.

    Rosey Begum
  2. henry cavill was awesome !!

  3. As a superfan of Henners, I can tell you that his eyes are not entirely blue. He has a spot of brown in his left eye. You can see it in the last pic. It is at 11 o'clock if his eye were a dial. :)

    • Well, thank you...I don't think I would have noticed if you hadn't told me :)

      Chant Wagner
  4. daaayyaaaammm... he's fine :D


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