4711 Ice Cool Cologne (2008) {New Fragrance}


One of the most famous and venerable perfumes in the world, 4711 Cologne, is now getting a new flanker called 4711 Ice Cool Cologne.

The icy minty fresh scent (the original cologne is often kept in refrigerators) has top notes of Bergamot, violet, pineapple, and Privet. Heart notes are peppermint, lily of the valley, peach, and plum. Base notes are white musk, cedar wood, and amber.

There have been "Ice" versions in the past, including one specifically destined to women. 

It will be available from March 2008, the 30 ml spray for 9, 50 € and the 100 ml splash for 17. 50 €. 

(via Cosmoty.de

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  1. Will this be available in the U.S.? If so were can I buy it?

    andre g
  2. where & when can i buy

    Paul Lape

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