Advice on Wearing an Evening Perfume, Rose Scent is Great for Memorization {The 5th Sense in the News}

The experts gather and tell you what and what not to do when you're planning on wearing fragrance in the evening. See what Frederic Malle, Ann Gottlieb, and Alan Hirsch have to say on the topic,

The New Rules of After-Dark Fragrance .....

A German study published in Science shows that scents associated with an activity of focused learning helped better memorize the new information. It was especially evidential when scents were released during the slow-wave sleep stage,

"The volunteers were tested again the next day on what they had learned. "After the odor night, participants remembered 97.2 percent of the card pairs they had learned before sleep," the researchers wrote.

But they only remembered 86 percent of the pairs if they did not get the rose smell while sleeping."
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