Juicy Couture Dirty English Advert {Scented Images & Perfume Adverts}

Nice ad for the latest Juicy Couture jus, Dirty English (Musky English). It is grungy (paper looks a little like butcher's oily wrapping paper), vintage tattoo-ish, a bit punk (the hair) and you just can imagine this man sitting next to an old conservative Englishman on the subway in London for good old British contrasting effect.

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  1. whos the male model for this ad?

  2. Looked it up -- it's Jonathan Kroppmann

  3. omg he's ungodly attractive. i like the other ad, were you get a side profile view- he has nice tattoos.

  4. Do you know where to find a picture of the other advert? That one's my favourite, too.

    • I posted the other ad following up on your comment. Thanks for reminding us of a good juice!

      Chant Wagner

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