Bond No. 9 Swarovski Stars for Mother's Day {Fragrance News - New Flacons}



Bond No. 9 will release bejeweled perfume bottles for Mother's Day for three scents from their catalog: Bryant Park, Bleecker Street, and Nuits de Noho.

The flacons rutilate thanks to thousands of Swarovski crystals covering them "like a second skin"........

Swarovski Stars BonBons.jpg

You can also opt for having a small library of scents by purchasing the Swarovski Stars Bon Bons Collection, which includes all three perfumes plus Eau de New York in 6 ml purse-sprays dressed in white crystals.

One 50 ml bottle retails for $650 and the crystal bon bons collection for $700.

Available at Bond No. 9 boutiques, 877-273-3369 and Saks Fifth Avenue nationwide as well as online.

Launch date: May 2008 

(Via Bond No. 9 press release) 


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  1. Maybe they are trying to appeal to hip-hop audience with those iced-out bottles. So much bling! *rolleyes*

  2. I read that it was Isabella Blow who first introduced fashion people to the seductions of Swarovski crystals to posh-up their designs. In a way it underlines what perfume is, affordable luxury.

    Looking at the bottles I was wondering how deep is our attraction (humankind's) for things shiny?


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