Hello Kitty Baby Perfume & Hello Kitty (2008) {New Fragrances}


The popular Japanese franchise Hello Kitty will launch two new perfumes in Europe on April 26, 2008. One called Hello Kitty Baby Perfume is destined to infants and toddlers with reportedly innovating notes in this universe of fragrances, i.e, raspberry, hazelnut, and violet. The other one, Hello Kitty, targets girls and is described as being gourmand and fruity. To emphasize the children universe references, the latter scent will be also available as part of a pochette surprise which includes 3 surprises.

Please see our review of Hello Kitty Perfume



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  1. Not being able to wear fragrances with strong scents, I have quite a collection of "baby" scents. I can't wait to test this one. Thanks.

  2. How interesting -- I know someone who used to cannot stand strong scents also and she had that one perfume of predilection that she asked people to bring her back from Italy. Maybe a Pupa. It was ever so light and gentle. I will try to find the name of that perfume and if I do will post about it.

  3. Olá, gostaria de saber aonde tem uma loja mais proxima que eu possa comprar o perfume da hello kitty?
    E o telefone de contatos de vocês


    • I hope one of your compatriots will be able to help. In Europe, the perfume is sold in the Marionnaud chain stores.

      Chant Wagner
  4. Greetings where in Zimbabwe can l get hello kitty baby perfumes

    Tatenda Ziwani
    • Hi Tatenda,

      I don't know as I usually see it in chains like Sephora & co. You might find it easier to order it from the Internet.


      Chant Wagner

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