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The Scoop: Pop singer and actress Jessica Simpson will launch her debut signature fragrance on August 15, 2008. It is called Fancy.

Love the black-and-white-cinema effect of this image (the ad is not released yet; it is the PR image communication image for now. This is the initial teaser folks). Very iconic. Think Marylin Monroe in the Misfits, the all-American open road etc. They are cultivating her America's sweetheart image.....

The singer already showed earlier interest in fragrances by designing a line of scents that could be literally licked and tasted, called Dessert.

The fragrance development deal was signed with Parlux and the Camuto Group. Parlux has already tackled the celebrity-fragrance market with, famously, Maria Sharapova and Paris Hilton. The Camuto Group specializes in designing global women's lifestyle brands.

(Via press release)

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  1. The image is gorgeous, and hopefully the scent will live up to the image it is projecting. It looks more classic then fancy, though, in my opinion. I am interested in this and to see how it does as Miss Jessica seems to have either total hits or total misses.

  2. It is, but I am told their ad will look different from this picture

  3. Marie-Helene - What else can you tell us about the ad or anything else for that matter about the fragrance line. TIA

  4. I'm looking for Zita Eau de perfume by Pauls Dorf.

    Rhonda Nelson

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