Parfumerie Générale L'Eau Guerrière (2008) {New Fragrance}



Parfumerie Générale have released a new opus this spring entitled L'Eau Guerrière (Warlike Eau). It comes not long after Louanges Profanes introduced in February 2008.

The scent is described as a woody fresh and animalistic perfume that is "brutal, modern, and devastating"- "brutale, moderne, ravageuse"......

Depuis Frédéric Malle Musc Ravageur, nous savons que le musc a des effets ravageurs, n'est-ce pas?

L'Eau Guerrière features the vegetal piquancy of Cinchona bark, sky aldehyde, olibanum, aloeswood, and a musk made more animal-like. "Un piquant végétal d'écorce de Quinquina, Aldéhyde Ciel, Oliban, Bois d'Aloès, Musc Animalisé."

The scent is available in 50 ml and 100 ml sizes for 88 € and 120 €.

The Parfumerie Générale perfumes are now also available at the Maison headed by Eva Lima in Lisboa, Portugal

(Via Parfumerie Générale website) 

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