Tiny Trapeze Truly Chocolate & Clearly Coconut Marshmallows {Food Notes - Review}



Tiny Trapeze is a brand of sweet confections that specializes in creating all-natural and organic goodies for the sweet-toothed with a conscience and dietary preoccupations. They are distributed through Whole Foods. What truly caught our attention before even getting to read the fine print about the green credo, was the humongous sizes of the marshmallows, their hand-made, hand-cut feel, their good color, and their perceived fluffiness allied with satisfying substance, all evident to the naked eye.

To choose food, you can touch (sellers hate that), you can smell (still risky and seen as a bit primitive in certain quarters), taste of course occasionally, and no less importantly, you have to eye the food before deciding to give it a go. In their wrapping, the Tiny Trapeze Truly Chocolate Marshmallows which advertised themselves as "sweet madness without a net" seemed to have an honest look about themselves and not afraid to express a rustic style.....

What would the taste-test reveal?

These chocolate marshmallows have great texture. It is like biting into fluffy and bouncy thick little pillows. The big chunky cubes are somehow pleasant to handle; it feels like you have stolen them from your grand-mother's marshmallow jar. Very importantly they feel fresh. After you have opened the package they will start hardening, but otherwise if taken good care of, they should last a few days at the top of their shapes.

The taste to me is quite sweet, but to others feels not-too-sweet. Ultimately, I would agree that it is not overly sweet. It tastes like medium-strength cocoa powder (organic) and interestingly, a little bit like Brownie. It is mixed with vanilla and "...a unique chocolate extract from a recipe formulated over 100 years ago..."

Best marshmallow I have tasted in the US (OK, I do not hunt for marshmallows). I was simply struck by their unusual appearances.

They also have a coconut version of the recipe, Clearly Coconut, but I find that one too sweet and less interesting taste-wise, although it is also pillow-y, but less springy than the chocolate ones, a tad more liquid-y.  They are closer to standard non-gourmet white American marshmallows. But they do taste clearly of coconut and are sprinkled with real toasted coconut shreds. Kids might favor their less complex taste, but beware of sugar-highs!

A bag retails for $ 3.99 

Craving the sweet, but do no want the extra calories? 

Marshmallow perfume suggestions: there is a yummy (very sweet) realistic toasted marshmallow accord in M by Mariah Carey, a more floral scent of French marshmallow or guimauve can be found in By Kilian Love and Etat Libre d'Orange Divin' Enfant.

Photo: The Scented Salamander 

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