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You may be looking for alternate perfume brands and be part of a group of perfume lovers that deplore the vanishing of vintage-styled fragrances with their femme-fatale angle. Here is a shopping suggestion: go visit the Parfums Lucien Lelong e-commerce website and rediscover such classics as Indiscret launched in 1935 and re-created in 1997 respecting as much as possible the old formula, or the newly introduced Lelong Pour Femme in 1999 that pays homage to the couturier's sense of luxury and glamor.

Parfums Lucien Lelong was established as far back as 1924 and in the very beginning their perfumes were named after alphabet letters, A, B, C, J, N, in a search for abstraction and modernity just like for Chanel's numbered fragrances .....


A 1944 advert for Sirocco from Feb Vogue, Vintage Ads 4 U

Other classic fragrances that are available from the catalog of the house are: Tailspin, Sirocco, Balalaika, Bain Parfait, Orgueil, Opening Night, and Robin Hood aftershave cologne. Some of these are offered in small quantities only, 0.5 fl oz, and all are affordable, from $25 to $ 35.

Indiscret and Lelong Pour Femme are marketed at a more upscale level yet still affordable. The pure parfum version of Lelong Pour Femme features a real clock on the flacon.

The brand ceased functioning under Lucien Lelong's direct aegis at his death in 1958 but the business continued being carried on. New owners purchased the brand 15 to 20 years ago. The customer base is reported to be composed of a very loyal following of women.

We know that new generations of women would love to be able to experience these perfumes and feel the thrill of wearing scents that not everyone will recognize.

It is also interesting to put Parfums Lucien Lelong in the context of a movement of vintage perfumes adapted to the modern market. A brand such as Robert Piguet for example is doing just that and a few others too: Jovoy, Lubin, Gabilla...

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  1. Dear Marie-Helene,
    Thank you as always for bringing great things to our attention. Could you please give me an impression of Indiscret in the vintage version?
    It would be most helpful...
    Yours sincerely,

    • Dear Sands,

      It would be my pleasure. I will try to fit this in for September.


      Chant Wagner
  2. Oh Marie-Helene,
    I am a true big fan of your blog! Looking forward,
    hope all is great with you,

    • Thanks :)

      Chant Wagner
  3. Went to the site and bought Tailspin EDT which turned out to be cologne. Was told terms were "interchangeable".
    Lelong's works have been demolished much like Weil. Today's Antilope bears no resemblance to the original. Caveat Emptor applies!


    • I would love to smell the original Antilope. I know the edt version, which I find ravishing with its soft chamomilla scent. It's really one of the best scents out there and completely neglected.

      You should tell Lelong to be more precise in the descriptions of their concentrations. These terms are not interchangeable except for them. A cologne has less oils than an edt for most people. It is helpful criticism.

      Chant Wagner

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