New Annick Goutal Lingerie Collection {Beauty Notes}

Petite Chérie corset 


Perfume house Annick Goutal, seeking a diversification of its activities and feeling the affinities that exist between fragrance and lingerie through a similar focus on skin, has introduced a lingerie collection divided into four different sub-sets each inspired by a different Goutal perfume: Petite Chérie, Grand Amour, Quel Amour!, Songes.....


The concept is also one that was recently developed by Chantelle, offering four different universes of lingerie corresponding to 4 scents and distinct beauty product ranges.

The Goutal silk lingerie range was created by designer Vannina Vesperini who established her own brand in 1996. She is known for being a promoter of the idea of a lingerie that is not necessarily just an under-wear but can be exhibited as part of one's outfit, worn like a garment in what is termed the "dessous-dessus" style. The lace reproduces the Goutal butterfly motif and the straps are decorated with tiny Swarovski crystal butterflies.

(via Annick Goutal press release) 

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  1. LOL, the reverse of what Chantall Thomass and Fifi Chachnil did! Interesting design though.
    I think Chantelle differs in that they were already producing lingerie when they had the idea of combining certain styles with certain scents.

    (BTW, did you disable the URL option of commentators or is it just a glitch on my computer?)

  2. Yes, absolutely...about Chantelle.

    It's not a glitch. It's in the system. I got *too many* comments that were trying to instrumentalize the comment section to advertise their sites, e-commerces etc. Covert spam in other words.

  3. Hello,
    I would love to check these out. I wish they'd sell the painted candles and things with the lingerie at department stores.

  4. Maybe they will in the future:)

  5. Wow i like this one! did Chantall Thomass made it? or some other designer where is it for sale?

  6. Not clear on whether this range is sized for petites... please clarify?



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