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Singer Christina Aguilera, who is no stranger to fragrance developing, will launch yet a new perfume called Inspire on September 1st 2008 starting in the US. Apparently her previous eponymous fragrance Christina Aguilera, which debuted last year, encountered some timing issues with distribution in the US market, so P & G is attempting a new introduction with a different product. This time Inspire is inspired by both Andy Warhol (like Bond No. 9?) and Tokyo (like Gwen Stefani?).

It is striking to see how Aguilera keeps launching fragrances in different markets and always tries to make it sound like a first of something (see A Tale of 3 Christina Aguilera Fragrances). In fact, her older European fragrances are sort of hushed up about in the US mainstream media.....


Says P & G, rather candidly "We didn't have a lot of time to develop the first one, now we have a deeper understanding of the brand and what it stands for."

Inspire was developed with Aguilera's preferences for certain aromas being in the forefront of the creative effort conducted by P & G with IFF. This is why you will discover a perfume that has notes of gardenia, freesia, tuberose, and musk, the latter as experienced in masculine colognes by the artist. Reportedly and in particular, the singer loves tuberose to an immoderate extent to the point where the developers had to propose a tamer type of tuberose perfume (sounds like she was Sarah-Jessica-Parkered). Perfumer and scientist Will Andrews nevertheless remarks, "The hero of the fragrance is tuberose."

The scent "opens with vibrant fruity notes of mango, citrus and freesia; is balanced out with a white floral middle accord of tuberose, rose and gardenia, and base notes of Valencia orange flower, sandalwood and musks."

Via Women's Wear Daily; Image: People

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