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A recap first. When all the press was abuzz with the news of Aguilera's "first fragrance" to come out this fall, The Scented Salamander was able to spot a previous Christina Aguilera fragrance issued ca. 2004 called XPose. Then there was speculation as to whether that perfume had really existed at all since its existence had not been reported. A reader however commented recently that she knew that fragrance.

Thanks to You Tube too, you can discover the commercial for Xpose featuring Aguilera musing in front of her closet (a common theme in women's perfume commercials including in the one for the most recent Christina Aguilera fragrance) then spider-like catching a man or more than one in the net of her perfume. Please see in passing also a reference to Marilyn Monroe dabbing perfume,

To make things even more complex, we spied a third perfume - not the recent release by Procter and Gamble with the lacy bottle - and it is also called to make things even clearer, Christina Aguilera, this time made by LR World, a German brand. It even sells on a special website dedicated to it, where it claims to be Christina Aguilera's official fragrance. This is the one for which she posed in an emerald-colored dress. The description of the juice says that it is a,

"Fruity Spicy Green Floral Woody Musk Amber.
With its extraordinary composition the elegant creation impersonates absolute femininity. Radiating essences from peaches and violet leaves introduce the surprising core note, where floral accords dominate. From cedar wood and white musk harmonically and femininely rounded, Finlande radiates inimitable noblesse."
Here is a video in which Aguilera explains how excited she is to create a perfume with LR World, 

But the really official one would be this one

You can also watch the making-of the commercial here,

It feels a little like discovering the fact that Christina Aguilera has two illegitimate children hidden from public view, but they are only fragrances and we are certain that in fact, children from previous relationships would not be hidden from public scrutiny. Yet we have to acknowledge that the psychology of fragrance marketing is more complex than the one regulating private life these days. It feels deliciously Victorian.

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  1. XPose really existed by I doubt it was that old (1994). My records say 2005 by I might be also wrong. In Romania it was still on the market 1 year ago when I saw it last time. In fact it was not one but 3 fragrances: Xpose Glamour, Xpose Desire, Xpose Passion, all 3 very fresh, fruity with a pink pepper note. I remember also the ad featured on TV.

    Octavian Coifan
  2. Sorry, it's a lapsus. The date I have in the previous post is 2004.

    Thanks for the complementary information. She has an even more numerous brood then.

  3. search on google images X-Pose + all the 3 names and you will have the photos on a polish site. P&G is quite strong in Estearn Europe.

    Octavian Coifan
  4. I will try updating later. Didn't see the photos right away.


  5. I concur on the chronology of Xpose and them being three scents. The ads were shot in Greece and have been promoted by a Greek brand. They're low-end, but pleasurable, I guess.

  6. Interesting. Did they all come out at once or was it incremental? The TV ad only shows one.

  7. I have all 4 Christina Aguilera Xpose LiNE (Xpose Passion , Xpose Desire , Xpose Glamour & Xpose Stardust) it was made back in 2004 , the lr perfume is sold at christinamultimedia.com and her recent one simply called Christina Aguilera is sold in stores all over the uk or ebay.com for us customers , good luck and she had one more before xpose and it was called fetish which only sold in sears when she did the sears ads back in 2000 , there are two scents for fetish , enjoy hope this helps anyone christina aguilera perfume fan like myself ! =)

  8. I see you mention that the perfume can be purchased on christinamultimedia.com. I went there and registered, but do not see where to purchase things. Can you help me out?
    Thanks for giving the information! Jae


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